Irrigation Controllers Market 2018-2023 | Extensive Analysis On Worldwide Industry and New Market Opportunities

Irrigation controllers, especially smart controllers, are an advanced way of water management in the irrigation process. Traditional irrigation systems, such as surface irrigation, are prevalent and highly preferred due to their low investment costs. However, in this method, there are high chances of huge quantity of water wastage and low qualitative and quantitative crop production compared to advanced irrigation system. This factor forces growers to switch from traditional irrigation methods to advanced irrigation techniques such as irrigation controllers. Irrigation controllers monitor weather conditions, soil structure, evaporation status, water intake, and water usage & requirement. Smart irrigation controllers consist of sensors that have the capability to adjust the sprinkler time based on requirement and weather condition. Thus, irrigation controllers help to provide efficient flow of irrigational water, thereby declining water wastages and minimize the problem of water scarcity.

According to this latest publication from Meticulous Research®, the global irrigation controller market is expected to grow at a CAGR 16.0% from 2018 to reach USD 1,458.1 million by 2023. This market is driven by factors such as “growing adoption of modern agriculture techniques, increasing demand for lawn and garden equipment, growing automation and use of IT in agriculture, and increasing government initiatives to promote water conservation.”

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Smart controllers held a significant share of the global irrigation controller market in 2017, mainly due to “their higher adoption in the advanced nations, growing demand in developing countries owing to their variety of advantages over the traditional or basic irrigation controllers, growing food and water scarcity, increase in awareness among farmers about the benefits of smart irrigation, and government promotions and investments”.

Non-agriculture application segment expected to see largest gains through 2023 due to “presence of large number of lawns, gardens, golf courses, and sports grounds, especially in developed countries and higher adoption of irrigation controllers to ensure the adequate water supply for these areas”.

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North America emerged as the largest regional market for irrigation controllers owing to various factors such as “increased automation in agriculture & adoption of advanced irrigation control systems; rising need to conserve water and reduce water stress; innovation in communication systems; presence of large number of lawn, gardens, sport grounds and golf courses; and government initiatives to promote micro irrigation”. However, Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is expected to witness fastest growth due to “rising adoption of modern irrigation techniques in countries such as China, Japan, Australia, & India; and constant government’s financial assistance”.

Key players operating in the global irrigation controller market are Hunter Industries Incorporated, Rain Bird Corporation, The Toro Company, Valmont Industries, Inc, Calsense, Galcon Ltd., NELSON IRRIGATION CORPORATION, Weathermatic, Hydropoint Data Systems, Inc., Signature Control Systems, Inc., Storm Industries, Inc., Tucor, Inc., Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc., Holman Industries, Rachio Inc., BaccaraGeva A.C.S. Ltd, Mottech Water Solutions Ltd, Lindsay Corporation, and Netafim Limited among others.


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Significant growth potential in developing economies will propel the irrigation controllers market

  • How does the penetration of irrigation controllers in developed regions differ from developing countries like India and China?
  • How is the competition between the major and prominent local players in this market?
  • Which are the high growth market segments in terms of type, application, regions, and countries?

Irrigation controllers market favors both larger and local manufacturers that compete in multiple segments

  • Who are the top competitors in this market and what strategies do they employ to gain shares?
  • What is driving growth and which market segments have the most potential for revenue expansion during the forecast period?
  • What strategies must companies adopt who are looking to enter this market and compete effectively?
  • What are the major drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges in the global irrigation controllers market?
  • Who are the major players in various countries and what share of the market do they hold?
  • What are the geographical trends and high growth regions/ countries?

Recent new service launches, acquisitions, collaborations, partnerships, and expansions have taken place in the irrigation controllers market.

  • What companies have recently merged/acquired and how will these unions affect the competitive landscape of the irrigation controllers market?
  • What companies have created partnerships and how will these partnerships promote a competitive advantage?
  • Who are the major players in the global irrigation controllers market and what share of the market do they hold?
  • What are the local emerging players in the global irrigation controllers market and how do they compete with the global players?

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