School and Campus Security Market 2019 2023: Growth Analysis, Sales, Business Strategies, Demand, Revenue, Current Trends, Key Players and Regional Overview

School and Campus Security Market Research Report- Forecast till 2023

Market Highlights

The global market for school and campus security is exhibited to depict a spectacular growth in the coming years. One of the prominent reasons behind the strong growth of the market includes increasing criminal cases as well as increasing security concerns. On that note, monitoring activities for detecting intrusion, vandalism or theft paired with traffic surveillance and the government regulations making demand for augmented security levels are set to fuel the growth of the global school and campus security market.

According to the latest report presented by Market Research Future amid COVID 19 situation has revealed that global school and campus security market might bolster with a valuation of USD 2.54 billion by the end of 2023. This could be gained if the market grows at a pace of 19.7% CAGR. The growth period has been calculated from 2017-2023.

Top Impacting Factors

The worldwide school and campus security market is mainly driven by the result of the increasing number of attacks on the school. Schools have been soft targets by terrorists for mass shootings and other fatal incidents in the past decade. This has led to the fixing of technologically advanced security systems in schools and campuses to curtail the risk of such attacks and also provide suitable security solutions. These factors have been mostly affected by the market’s growth across the world.

The preface of cost-effective security systems is also propelling the growth of the market. The augmented investments in infrastructure have been fuelling the growth of the school and campus security market. Other factors such as thefts, vandalism and intrusion are also likely to motivate the demand for school and campus security in the forecast period. Government regulations to enhance the security levels are mainly impacting the school and campus security market positively in today’s time. These factors collectively are likely to impact the growth of the school and campus security market positively during the forecast period.

Further, in research, MRFR finds that most schools in the US and Europe have implemented some level of security measures, but most are high-tech security solutions. As the U.S. market is already relatively mature and constitutes the largest share of the world market, the global School & Campus Security market might grow at a sensible rate. At this point, Homeland Security Research Corp. predicts that the Global School & Campus Security Market will grow at a high stroke in the coming time, mainly after the impact of Coronavirus pandemic. This might take the market to the next level of valuation.

Furthermore, the implementation of diverse access control solutions such as tracker, biometric and card-based authentication within the premises are also supposed to propel the growth of the market.  On the contrary, the factor of privacy concerns is what hindering the growth of the school and campus security system market in the future.

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The global school and campus security market is segmented on the basis of type, hardware, and software.

Based on type, the market caters to video surveillance, fire protection, access control, and others. Among these, access control segment held the largest market share mostly owing to the increasing urban infrastructure as well as the increasing security threats around the world.

Hardware-dependent segments in the global market include camera, monitor, recorder, and encoder.

Software-wise, the segments in the global school and campus security market are service management, video analytics, video management, and others. Among these, video analytics accounted for the largest market share on account of the massive demand for effective video surveillance and government investments in emerging technologies for enhancing security.

Leading Regions

As per current trends, it has been observed that there has been mounting focus towards the installation of high definition (HD) video surveillance cameras. The school and campus security vendors are continually introducing products in a cost effective way. All these developments are witnessed in the Asia-Pacific region. This region is expected to offer one of the fastest-growing markets for the school and campus security market as a result of the increasing security concerns in the region owing to rising criminal attacks.

North-America grabbed the largest market share in the global school and security market, owing to surged adoption of new technological solutions, escalating demand for security concerns and rising investment in infrastructure in schools and universities. The U.S. and Canada contribute mostly to school and campus security market, mainly owing to surge in education security expenditure which benefits the escalating security up gradation and grows competition in creating innovative products such as IP video surveillance camera and the falling product prices.

Top Industry Players

The top industry players in the global school and campus security market are listed as A & T Network System. (India), Cisco Systems Inc (U.S.), Honeywell Security Group (U.S.), Axis Communications (Sweden), Pelco Products Inc (U.S.), Genetec Inc. TM. (Canada), Plustek Inc (U.S.), Apollo Video Technology (U.S.), Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd (China), Bosch Security Systems Inc. (U.S) and SEICO Security (U.S.).

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Global School and Campus Security Market, By Type (Video Surveillance, Access Control, Fire Protection), By Hardware & Software (Camera, Monitor, Recorder, Encoder, Video Analytics) – Forecast 2023

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