Why You Should Ceramic Coat Your Car: Top Reasons

Are you in love with your car? You want it to be clean like new all the time. So, you clean it wax it, and polish it regularly. Yet whenever you take a ride around the gravelly area, all you see is dust and scratch marks on your car. Again, you go for the hard cleaning process. Now, what should you do? Try ceramic coating on your car. You may hear about this item from your friend and now trying to understand is that worth a try. Let’s get into deep and find that out.

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating, or also known as nano-coating, is a liquid polymer. You have to apply it with the hand over your car. This coating mix with your car OEM paint semi-permanently.

According to Bestnetreview.com “The coating adds an extra layer of protection to your car. This is not an alternative to PPF (Protective Paint Film), but this is superior to waxing. Waxing is a good solution for shining your car but not a long term one. Unlike wax, the ceramic coating has more durability. It neither wash away by water nor fades away over a month”.

7 Reasons to Apply Ceramic Paint

1.Extra Layer of Protection

A ceramic coating will add up to 3 points of protection to your car. The environment is already cruel on your skin. How can you expect it will be easy in your car?

Sun Light Protection:

Direct sunlight may look normal, but it damages the exterior of your car. Both the heat and sunburn fade the color of your car. You spend a lot of money to keep the color as bright as it looked when new. Ceramic coating will do that for you.

UV Ray Protection:

UV rays can harm your color paint both in visual and chemical. Oxidization makes the atomic structure of your car’s paint abnormal. This will make the color dull, and this may result in the breaking of color. But the ceramic coating prevents that.

Protection from Chemical:

Some chemicals can create in the open air. They work on an atomic level. And most car painting job is under electrolysis. This is perfect for a chemical reaction to happen. The ceramic coating prevents harmful chemicals from reaching paint layers.

2.Durability to Color and Body

It’s very common to have a scratch on the body while driving through a rocky road. And sometimes lighter dust stays in contact with cars body while in the air. This creates friction between that dust and the paint surface and results in scratch marks.

Ceramics adds a protection layer that prevents this scratching and sometimes even protects from rock damages.

3. Prevent Dust and Dirt

Getting dirty and dusty while riding on gravel roads is very common, especially with black colored car. The dust looks very clean in dark color. This just awfully ruins your car’s fashion.

The ceramic coating comes in handy in these situations. Let’s just accept it, preventing mud is impossible. Your car will get muddy if you are on wet roads. But keep the mud low is difficult. Ceramic coat helps your car getting off dust and keeping the mud away as hard as it can. And this makes the cleaning easy.

4. Easy Cleaning Process

Even as humans, we get dirty when we get outside. It’s very common for dust in the air to get attached to our body anyway. Yet we can clean them just by washing them with water. This happens because of our sweat glands. They keep ta moisture on our skin, so when dirt and dust get along, they should be easy to clean.

The ceramic coat works something like that. It doesn’t moisturize your car, actually. But what it does it keeps the dirt away in such a condition that it doesn’t enter into the deep grooves in your car. That makes it much effortless to clean your car. Just a little water and a gentle rub from hand. No hard scrab or nothing.

5. Cost Cutting on Waxing

Waxing is a regular process. You have to go to your car professional every few months to wax your car. It is both time-consuming and costly. Keeping a car clean and polished is not easy.

The ceramic coat can make that process much smooth and effective. As we mentioned earlier, the ceramic coating works as an alternative to waxing. It gives your exterior a polished look that looks just like wax, which stays on for longer than waxing.

6. A New Looking Car for a Long Time
The ceramic coating works on every level that makes your car look new. It makes your car dustproof. It protects the color. It makes the cleaning process easy. And also adds a
waxy finish. All of these make your car newer.

Whenever you get a car, your ultimate goal remains the same. You want your car just like a new one whenever you take you out. You go for painting it every year or two or add waxing every month. Maintain car wash like a doctor’s appointment.

A ceramic coat can help you to reduce all these hardships in a significant measurement.


If you want your car to be like new as you bought, we recommend a ceramic coat. Your car is your pride. And you want your car to shine better than anyone else. This just doesn’t make your car newer than others. It’s also an internal peace. We like to use new products. But everyone can get new products whenever they want. And for the sports car owner, it’s a concerning matter to keep the car looking as new as possible. So get your car a ceramic coat and keep your worries at low levels.