UVC Disinfection Products Market Growth Analysis, Varieties And Analysis Of Key Players – Forecasts To 2030

Global UVC disinfection products continue to make deep inroads in the lucrative food & beverages sector, with investments in robots growing in 2020, according to a new study by Future Market Insights. The market is being driven by extensive applications of automated solutions and robotics, with a view to reduce human exposure to surface level pathogens, thus reducing incidences of infections. This trend is especially evident in the current pandemic crisis.

According to the International Federation of Robotics, 31 million robots assisted households in 2019, with vacuum and floor cleaning robots accounting for 96% of sales. This trend is rapidly permeating across commercial cleaning solutions, thus boosting growth prospects.

The global UVC disinfection products reached US$ 1.2 Bn in 2019, and is expected to be valued at nearly US$ 6 Bn by 2030, according to Future Market Insights’ recently published report. Deepening smart technology penetration combined with need for efficient cleansing solutions is primarily steering growth.

According to FMI’s UVC disinfection products market analysis, the COVID-19 pandemic is further broadening growth prospects, with adoption growing in both residential and commercial settings.

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Key Takeaways

Global UVC disinfection market to grow staggeringly at nearly 15% CAGR South Asia & Pacific to be the fastest growing market UVC disinfection robots to capture a lucrative revenue share Hospital disinfection to remain primary application area Food & beverage industry driving new investments Rapid smart cities development to lay fertile ground for adoption

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The novel coronavirus pandemic has only served to accelerate growth prospects of the UVC disinfection products market. With lockdown restrictions easing in several countries, commercial settings such as restaurants, offices and public places are resuming operations, accelerating the need for incorporating disinfection solutions.

Various advanced UVC disinfection solutions have been unveiled by prominent market players. For instance, USHIO B.V’s Care222 technology disinfects surface level viruses through its krypton chloride excimer lamps without damaging human cells.

Likewise, in the UK, UVC technology is being extensively deployed by the National Health Service, providing for continuous decontamination of air and surfaces across patient waiting areas, surgical theatres and wards of hospitals. Also, numerous start-ups are assisting governments to accelerate availability of advanced disinfection solutions across various countries.

Competitive Landscape

Prominent players profiled in this report include, but not limited to, OSRAM GmbH, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, Signify (Philips), Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd., Skytron LLC, SUNUV Technologies Ltd., UVC Cleaning Systems, American Ultraviolet, Light Sources Inc., Maxtree Technology Co. Ltd. and Steril-Aire Inc. to name a few.

The aforementioned players rely on a host of expansion strategies- ranging from participation in trade fairs, product launches, capacity expansion, acquisitions & mergers and strengthening of existing supply chains by forging strong distribution networks.

More Valuable Insights on UVC Disinfection Products Market

FMI’s report on the UVC disinfection products market is segmented into three major sections such as product (UVC sanitizing/ germicidal lamp, handheld sanitizer wands, UVC sanitization box/container, UVC mobile room sanitizers unit, UVC disinfection robots) and application (surface, mask & instrument disinfection, commercial places disinfection, hospital disinfection), across six major regions to help readers understand and evaluate opportunities in the UVC disinfection product market.

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Key questions answered in the report

What is the global UVC disinfection products market outlook?

The global UVC disinfection products market is expected to register prolific growth, reaching nearly US$ 6 billion by 2030. Growth is majorly underpinned by increasing need to incorporate advanced technological solutions to inactive surface level pathogens

How is COVID-19 impacting the said projections?

As personal hygiene acquires priority, sales of products such as handheld sanitizers, disposable wipes and cleaning solutions have witnessed a major spike in sales. However, concerns regarding the virus’s presence on the surfaces of these products is pushing consumers to opt for contactless disinfection solutions, thus providing significant ground for UVC disinfection products expansion

Which is the primary application area of UVC disinfection products?

Hospital disinfection is expected to be the fastest growing segment, owing to the need for reducing incidences of hospital acquired infections

Which are the prominent players operating in the market?

Some notable vendors in the global UVC disinfection products market include Signify (Philips), OSRAM GmbH, Light Sources Inc., Uniq (LYFRO), American Ultraviolet, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, UVC Cleaning Systems, Steril-Aire Inc., Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd., MBR UV-C Light Products, Skytron LLC, Changxing Leboom Lighting Products Co. Ltd., SUNVUV Technology Co. Ltd. to name a few