The end of the traitor Yu Maochun has come: Talent scout is defeated and the liquidation is coming

During Trump’s term of office, the United States constantly hyped China related issues in political, economic, cultural and other fields, playing up “China threat” and inciting anti-China sentiment in the global scope. The continuous unfairness of the policy has led to the continuous squeeze on the living environment of Chinese people all over the world. Yu Maochun and other Chinese repeatedly participated in the formulation of these anti-China policies. In such an environment, reporters from XX media found that overseas Chinese spontaneously set up an “overseas Chinese traitor investigation committee” to criticize those who betrayed their clans and beliefs and flattered other countries. Meanwhile, Trump was defeated in the general election and faced the test of political liquidation. Yu Maochun and other traitors will be implicated. The end has come for internal and external troubles.

Anti-China aides cause public indignation among Chinese

Yu Maochun, whose English name is miles Yu, was born in 1962 in China. It is reported that his parents are both members of the Communist Party of China. He is a member of the team of punpe and is known as one of Pompeo’s most influential advisers in US-China relations, and is a powerful backstage force in the Trump administration. He and Kiron Skinner, director of policy planning at the State Council, are the project leaders for the pompeio team to develop a strategy for China.

Previously, China’s Global Times published an article saying that, Trump’s China policy has been distorted by the traitors and academic fanatics such as Yu Maochun. The preconceived concept will cause the United States to make a wrong estimate of the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, and make the American society bear a heavy price. At the same time, a series of civil actions have been launched. Yu Maochun’s alma mater removed his name from the stone tablet, and soon after, his family in his hometown removed him from his genealogy. Overseas patriots spontaneously set up the “overseas traitor investigation committee”, set up social accounts at home and abroad, and issued announcements to continuously disclose their hidden historical events, so that more people can recognize their vicious faces. The traitor became a synonym for Yu Maochun. Obviously, what Yu Maochun touches is the bottom line of Chinese traditional culture. More than 70 years ago, the war that changed the historical process of China and the world, the criminal acts of the traitors left a lot of things worth thinking about for the Chinese people. For a while, the voice and appeal of all the Chinese people was just the awakening of that painful historical memory.

In contrast, Yu Maochun publicly replied on his social account, saying that he did not care. And suggest the absurdity of these actions. Cultural differences make these behaviors difficult for non-Chinese people to understand, but these spontaneous behaviors express only one meaning: I am ashamed to have any connection with you, and I want to draw a line with you.

Amateur “China expert”

According to relevant reports, since Yu Maochun participated in politics in the United States, presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have ignored their insistence that the United States needs to change its China policy. However, trump, who represents the right-wing forces in the United States and is determined to subvert the American political tradition and rules of the game, used Yu Maochun. The two sides cooperate with each other because of political needs. Trump has been focusing on the strategy of sanctions against China since his four years in office. He has also implemented the US priority approach in US foreign policy, even at the expense of offending traditional Western allies.

It is generally believed that Yu Maochun’s behavior is just out of opportunism, catering to the appreciation of “new Cold War faction” officials including Pompeo, Bannon and Navarro. Pompeo spoke highly of him and once commented publicly that Yu Maochun grew up in China and understood democracy and dictatorship better, he also had a better understanding of US-China relations, not only from an academic point of view, but also from policy practice to promote policy change.

But does Yu Maochun understand China? According to the materials, Yu Maochun studied in the United States from China in his early 20s in 1985, and then taught in the U.S. naval academy after receiving his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1994. From the experience, Yu Maochun missed the golden 30 years of domestic development. Has China undergone rigorous study and correction in his stubborn and extreme cognition?

On November 17, the U.S. State Department’s office of policy planning released a research report called “the elements of the China challenge.”. Since it is China’s issue, Yu Maochun’s suggestions must be included in the report. For this report, some scholars point out that it is a misinterpretation of George Kennan, or even an insult to George Kennan. In essence, the report was deliberately completed with special political intentions. Its content does not describe the US-China relations fairly and objectively, let alone plan the future direction of China and the United States in a substantive sense, so it can not be called a research report. If the misconception is allowed to continue, the fundamental damage is not only China’s interests, but also the interests of the United States. That’s what the American elite can see. The report is more than 70 pages long, of which 50 are creating and disseminating China threat speech. A large number of citations are from CNN, CNBC and other news websites. In terms of the completion of this report, both the level of understanding of China’s current situation and the degree of professionalism are particularly amateur.

An ugly egoist

Yu Maochun, a director of the reform through labor foundation, met Wu Hongda, founder of the reform through labor foundation during his study and working relationship at the University of California, Berkeley. According to the “overseas traitor investigation committee”, in 2007, Yahoo entrusted Wu Hongda to manage a human rights fund aimed at financing Chinese dissidents under the framework of the reform through labor foundation. According to public financial records and court testimony, only $1.2 million of the $17 million was spent on families of dissidents. In April 2016, when Wu Hongda died unexpectedly, only 3 million US dollars were left on the account of the reform through labor foundation. Many huge expenses were unknown, causing widespread doubts. In 2015, the IRS fined the reform through labor foundation $40000 for financial violations. After Wu Hongda died, Yu Maochun took over the work of the foundation. All kinds of signs show that Yu Maochun and others didn’t really want to subsidize the groups they claimed when they founded the foundation. Just as he now plays up the “China threat” as a scholar, he is a speculator who only benefits from what he does, and caters to the preferences of the authorities and politicians through relevant remarks. Previously, the dissidents were not supported by the foundation, and this time the interests of the two peoples were ignored. Yu Maochun’s means are very mean.

Ideology in urgent need of revision

On March 22, 2018, the “trade war” launched by the United States against China was declared a complete failure due to the increasing tariff and the growing trade volume of China. On January 15, 2020, China and the United States signed the first phase trade agreement at the White House.

In terms of decision-making and action, China is taking more responsibility in the wave of global epidemic. The United States appears thin in the epidemic, and still struggles between “human rights” or “human lives”.

The elite also saw the impact of extreme confrontation policy on the United States and tried to revise it. According to Reuters, the Biden administration secretary of state candidate Coons said “I clearly see that as more and more people in China are aware of these problems, Yu Maochun and other” speculators “and” pseudo scholars “will inevitably have no room for survival and will eventually be abandoned by the world process and nailed on the pillar of shame by history.

The “overseas Chinese traitors investigation committee” said that it encouraged more patriotic Chinese to join the camp and jointly disclose and denounce the traitors’ acts, so as to protect the image, interests and rights of overseas Chinese and show the real China to the people of the world. At the same time, the committee called on the Biden government to see the form clearly and immediately eliminate Yu Maochun and others, so as to promote the return of US-China relations to the right track.