ROIMAX Launches Exclusive Online Trading Academy for Platform Users

London, UK, November 12th, 2020 – Online trading firm ROIMAX has announced the launching of its own trading academy, exclusive to the users of its trading platform. This measure is part of the company’s strategy of assuring users’ trust via providing them with the tools and skills they need for optimal performance. “These days, it’s not enough to create a trading environment and sell it to clients without putting an emphasis on the background they should have in order to flourish in that environment. Letting our users navigate themselves without guidance just doesn’t suffice for us,” said ROIMAX spokesperson regarding the news. “We are sure that the content we’ve assembled and uploaded will make a difference for traders – beginner and expert as one.”

Education is the key to success

While online trading has been around for at least 20 years, the substantial growth in its capacity is very recent. That is mainly due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial situation of many around the world. The result is a surge in the number of online traders – but do these traders have the basic knowledge necessary to succeed? “Evident from the substantial growth of new users on our platform, we put significant effort in supporting our clients in their online trading endeavors, solely to affirm our trustworthiness”, explained the spokesperson, and added that “this new academy is just ‘step one’ for us. More trading tips and advice will be added to our virtual academy over time”.

The importance of online trading education lately became a ‘must’ during these times of volatility, as the COVID19 changed every aspect of our lives, he also changed the markets and their behavior, which only emphasize the importance of this new feature by ROIMAX.

Among the content offered on the trading academy, users can receive assistance in spotting opportunities, gain important knowledge regarding projected fluctuations, acquire skills essential for effective buying and selling, and even join one-on-one sessions with ROIMAX’s experts. “When we say that our team of professionals is here for our clients, we mean it. People who choose to work with us deserve no less than our full attention to any questions or gaps in knowledge that may pop up during the process of trading,” summed up the spokesperson. ROIMAX’s trading academy is already up-and-running, available to traders. What is more, no previous trading or investing experience is needed to get started.


Established earlier in 2020, ROIMAX today offers traders speed and simplicity that they will have a hard time finding anywhere else. That is mainly a result of the high-level support and award-winning customer service the company offers. Recently, due to the high success of its platform, ROIMAX has expanded its trade venues and now offers cryptocurrency trade services as well – with the same benefits as offered in other sectors: 24/7 trading possibilities, high security, and privacy levels, and a dedicated support team available via email chat and messaging 24/6.