Retired police officer seeking justice from NJ courts

Former NYPD Sgt. John F. Marchisotto has filed three suits against the New Jersey court system, a judge, and several law enforcement officers. He said he is only looking for justice.

He stressed this is not about money.

“I don’t want a dime, not a single penny. If the courts do allow a cash award, I will donate everything to a charity. This is all about justice,” he said.

The retired officer is not asking the public, or anyone else for that matter, to judge the case without hearing all the facts and seeing the evidence. He has plenty of evidence to back up his side and shares that information with anyone who wants to know. He is especially eager to share his story with other media outlets.

“It terrifies me to think about what these people have done to other honest, law-abiding citizens. I want other people to know, you are not alone. If they did this to me, I can only imagine what they have done to others,” he said.

Part of his lawsuits requests certain people be fired and demand the resignation of others. Each person so identified has abused the power they have, he said.

They simply have to be stopped,” he said. “They violated my civil rights. They used false complaints to get needed paperwork for a raid. They did not bother with a proper investigation.”

The longtime member of the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P. Lodge 10) in Toms River, NJ, has no idea what happened or why he’s been singled out for this kind of attack

“They have an agenda. I don’t know what I did to upset them enough to do this. All I want is for the law to be followed and respected,” the retired NYPD sergeant said.

The raid on his home is taking a toll on his family. Mr. Marchisotto lives in Jackson, New Jersey with his wife and three minor children. He is a longtime 3rd Degree Fraternal Member of the Jackson Knights of Columbus and rec league baseball, soccer, football, and basketball.

“My kids were terrified. My wife who is a teacher went to work crying and had to console by the school principal. I have been getting very bad headaches having to deal with this mess. I’m having nightmares and all this is making me very sick,” he said. “I did nothing wrong, and all I did was pursue my judicial rights for justice in a rigged Pro Se bias NJ Court System”

Mr. Marchisoto is ready to talk to any media outlets about his case and give them all his evidence. Contact him at .

John Marchisotto

15 Topaz Dr

Jackson, NJ