OmeCare COVID Test Kits Create COVID Bubble – By: Dmitri Sharov 

In case you don’t know what COVID bubble is, it is a select group of co-workers, students, and family members you can safely socialize mask-free with the minimum risk of contracting COVID. OmeCare is good at helping you create your own COVID-free bubble. 

With coronavirus cases steadily on the rise and the Christmas family reunions around the corner,  the already long lines to get tested are to get longer in the coming weeks putting an added pressure on the nation’s testing system already in throes to keep up with the virus. Delays in delivering test results have become more frequent as the country braces for winter colds, the imminent flu season, and extended holiday travel.

OmeCare, the San-Diego genetic testing company, well-known for its user-friendly proprietary products OmeHealth, OmePsychiatricMeds, and OmeSkin, to name a few, has come up with a timely and practical solution to this problem. OmeCare is one of the few DNA testing companies that actually owns and operates a state-of-the-art laboratory that has CLIA and CAP accreditations and is authorized to perform the widest range of tests. Lab ownership makes OmeCare naturally eligible to perform fast and reliable COVID tests.

With the self-administered test packages now available from OmeCare there is no longer a need to stand in line to get tested. The company’s San-Diego COVID testing lab is offering tests in two sizes: a 10-pack for $750 that would ideally suit small business owners, and a 50-pack for $3000 – a handy solution for larger companies, schools, colleges. Each PCR COVID-19 Self-Administered Test Box packs 10 or 50 individualized self-collection tubes, swabs, and specimen bags along with an instructions sheet. Once the tested material is self-collected and safely sealed, it is good to go to the lab in a return box. No later than 24-48 hours after the sample is received by the lab, the test report, signed by the lab director, lands in the personalized portal where the client can securely access it. So much for standing in line to take the COVID test.

In Los-Angeles, people are known to wait for several hours at clinics to get tested, which is a waste of time and an added risk of exposure to the virus. OmeCare’s self-administered COVID test protects employees, students, and faculty by creating a COVID-free bubble making the work and class environment safe. The test kits can be conveniently ordered once, or on a weekly basis, as need be, without the need to keep a staff health care provider nor sign up for a longer commitment. OmeCare’s prescription-free self-administered COVID test box offers businesses, schools, and large households a perfect solution to creating your COVID-free bubble and keeping yourself and the people in your world safe.