Let’s to combat the viruses!

Unfortunately, since the existence of humanity, we have had to deal with countless viral infections and epidemics. Plenty of illness and death can be written at the expense of epidemics caused by various viruses. Fortunately, with the development of medicine, antidotes and medicines for many diseases have been developed. Thus, quite a few infectious diseases with serious health consequences have almost disappeared from Earth. However, viruses are extremely resistant and aggressive, always reappearing in newer and newer versions and mutations and often wreaking havoc on the population. Covid 19, also known as the coronavirus, is widespread throughout the world, and no effective defense has yet been found against this new mass killer. The virus affects everyone differently, unfortunately many people die from the infection or suffer from the complications of the disease, so everything must be done to prevent the infection.

Cleanliness is half health!

The coronavirus survives on solids and objects for a maximum of 12 hours, on softer materials for approx. viable for up to 6 hours. Yet it is better to be afraid than to be frightened! If we do not neglect cleaning and disinfection, we are more likely to avoid disease. Scientists and doctors have long realized that frequent cleaning and disinfection will help prevent the spread of infections. Cleaners and disinfectants usually contain strong, bactericidal chemicals and should be handled with care. Too much chlorinated or alcoholic disinfectant can irritate our mucous membranes, damage the natural protective layer of our skin, and can also trigger severe allergic reactions. Organic cleaners are not always effective enough against bacteria and viruses. We need to find a solution that has no harmful effects on health, but at the same time kills bacteria and viruses!

Ozone disinfection

Many people think of ozone as the ozone layer and the ozone hole. Ozone has a very strong disinfectant property. Ozone disinfection is performed with an ozone generator. It is not necessary to move furniture and objects from their place, as the air can get in everywhere and destroys viruses, fungi and bacteria extremely effectively. Its great advantage is that it does not damage furniture or human health, unlike chlorinated or alcoholic chemicals. It decomposes quickly and is converted to pure oxygen, thus cleaning the air as well.

In more detail

During ozone disinfection, active oxygen is produced from the decomposing ozone, which has an oxidizing effect. Ozone breaks down the cell membrane of bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with the cell wall. As a result of the oxidation reaction, holes form in the cell wall, the bacterium loses its shape, and then the bacterium is killed. Ozone molecules that attack viruses cause viruses to lose their ability to infect.

Bacteria and virus-free acoustic panels

Acoustic panels made by Perfect Acoustic are disinfected with ozone treatment both before and after packaging. The acoustics of cinemas and studios can be improved with sound-absorbing and diffuser elements. Due to the covid 19 virus epidemic, we are forced to spend much more time indoors, isolated from others. We can spend time watching movies and listening to music. We can only enjoy the sound of music and movies if the acoustics in the room are ideal. This is solved by acoustic panels that can be mounted on walls or ceilings to reduce noise and reflected sounds. Harmonious, clear and pleasant sound can be achieved with their use. To avoid the spread of infections, all acoustic panels are disinfected with ozone, so that the dear customer who orders Perfect Acoustic from any country in the world can feel completely safe!