How To Arrange Golf Clubs in A Golf Bag

The weather is great; you have a couple of friends that are going to join you for a day at your local golf club.

That is a beautiful experience and adds value to your year. But you want to make sure that you remember a few aspects when participating in this sport.

You might be a fan of golfing because the repetitive nature helps you work through some of your life problems, or you just like to see how you are improving with each game.

Golf is great because you are outdoors, and you’re required to focus on making unique acute body movements. The sport requires a lot from each player – and the readers at Golf Accessories Reviews will agree.

You are most likely going to be humbled due to failure, learning to laugh at yourself, trying to stay positive, and improving your focus and quality as a player by watching others who hit good shots.

You are also more than likely going to spend more than three hours outdoors trying to read greens and hitting one good shot that makes your entire round worth it. You will hit one or several foul shots that might make you think it is time to give up, but you keep pushing yourself to try again.

It is excellent for those who have short fuses and get frustrated easily because it will teach you to reign in your emotions and pour that energy into something worthwhile.

The Value Of Organization
Having an organized bag will make your day easier and allow you to focus on golfing instead of trying to find a particular club. It will also make it easier for you to double-check your bag before leaving for the golf club.

This way, you know that all the equipment you need is accounted for instead of being out golfing and realizing that you left a wedge somewhere.

The way you organize your clubs can increase your efficiency during a course. Your focus should be to keep pace with the group ahead, try to analyze your putt while someone else makes theirs, or try to fix your divot while others are chipping.

It is not beneficial to you to have to search for clubs when you are trying to be efficient. If you are not organized currently, you just need to put some time and effort in, and then before you know it, you won’t even have to think about organizing your bag; it will just come to you naturally.

You might inspire others to become as organized as you are when they see how easy it is for you to access your clubs because they are in proper front to back order. When storing clubs in your bag, try to put the club’s grip end in the bag so that the head is sticking out. If you try to place the head in the bag, you will have a tough time because they cannot fit into the bag like that.

The type of bag will also have an impact on how you can store your equipment. Another thing that will impact the way you store your equipment is your preferences. If you are new to golf, you might not have any preferences, but as you become more experienced, you will see that you will prefer to arrange your bag in a certain way.

Typically, long irons and drivers go in the back while the short irons and putters are stored in the front closest to your reach. If you will carry your bag around the course, place your shorter clubs in the bottom compartment, your mid to long irons in the middle compartment and slide your woods into the top of the bag. If you are riding in a cart, you can swap the bottom and top compartments clubs.

Straying From the Norm
You could try moving away from the conventional long clubs on top approach that might be recommended to you by golfing experts and instead put long clubs on the bottom compartment.

You would have your driver in the middle with your three wood and hybrid on either side of it, then work left to right from longest to shortest clubs on top.

This is a great method for storage to ensure that your headcovers do not cover up the clubs below them.

If you are using a pushcart, you want to get a 14 divider storage bag as this storage method will not work with other types of bags. A great way to test your bag’s organization is how long it takes you to find what you are looking for. If it takes you more than five seconds to find something, then it might be time to change the way you are storing your equipment.

The Type of Bag
If you have to have your equipment in a specific order before the round but do not care about where they are during the round, you want to focus on having a comfortable bag that will last.

If you get easily annoyed when your golf club heads hit one another as you move, you want to consider getting a bag with individual slots with rubber locks to keep each club in place. These types of bags typically come with a putter well on either side of the bag. You can use one side for a putter and the other side for an umbrella.

Do not focus on getting a bag that everyone else uses. Everyone is different and has different ticks, so try to find one that will work for you.

Just as with the bag, when finding a method to store the clubs, you want to find a method that works for you. For example, some might try to tell you that putter and woods always go up top, and then you want to place your irons.

Some other examples are that the left side large pocket is for boxed balls, the right side pocket is for golf gloves, ball markers, and divot repair tools. Then, you store tees, and the bottom compartment is for loose balls.

The upper right pocket is for your rangefinder and driver adjustment tool. The upper left is a cooler pocket that houses a flask.

The important thing is that you try out different methods of storing and keep track of what you like and don’t like. You can do this by carrying a small notebook or using an application on your phone. Soon, you will have the perfect organization and bag that is just right for you. This process might seem lengthy and unnecessary, but it is well worth the investment.