Entrepreneur and social media influencer Juris Bruvers know how to impress millions worldwide

Under 20 famous Social Media Influencer Juris Bruvers popularity has reached new heights in 2021.


Social Media platforms have given us all new personalities like Social media influencer and entrepreneurs. Some get short term fame, and some are influencing the entire world for years.


One name who created a buzz in 2020 and getting fame in 2021 is Juris Bruvers, from Riga, Latvia, who at only 17 years of age has already created an extensive force in the industry as one of the freshest social media influencers and entrepreneurs.


Juris feels social media gives us immense opportunity, and when you have the talent and knowledge about how to grow in this platform, no one can stop you from reaching new heights in life.


The success of Juris Bruvers shows us how much a powerful online platform is. Started his journey at the age of 14, wow at his age, kids just learned how to use a mobile phone he was making videos. Surely playing Video games gave him the new passion of creating new innovative videos for those who think like him. All began with the aim of just fun, and that fun is giving him immense name and money. He transformed his life, and now he is a digital geek who is creating a huge family online with his channel.



When he started, he got a good response, and today he has become a PRO in this field. Today he is a role model for many in this area.


This allowed Juris Bruvers to turn into a social media influencer, sharing and promoting the ideas and visions of brands and people and gaining greater followers and visibility.


So far, he has worked with numerous other influencers and through his astute social media skills has expanded his reach and follower base in a short period. He gives credit of his success to Ariel Levy, Faisal Alenezi who are guiding light to him, influencing him on his path to reach more glorious success.