Energy Efficient Heat Core Space Heater

The Heat Core space heater is very small and compact, cool to the touch, and it uses ceramic technology to heat the device. The ceramic technology is good for heating quick and also cooling down quick. So a brief overview is that the front service is going to be hot when you turn on the device. So be sure not to put your hands on the grill or even the plating.

The back of the heater provides for an air intake. Make sure not to cover the heater or else you might cause some damage or even a fire. So don’t block the intake or else your heater will overheat with no air coming through. So from the back, you can see there is a main power switch, this tack, which is required by safety. So that has off the whole device will not turn on.

You have three different temperature moves. The fan mode has no temperature. It’s just whatever your low temperature is, energy on the fan and one speed. All three settings will also be in the same as if you press it again. The high level, which is high temperature of 1200 watts of warmth will be emitted a cycle down to a low of 700 Watts, and you can cycle back to regular fan.

Also, when you’re on high or low heat, if you turn off the device, he fans still on don’t be alarmed, because this is a 30 second cooldown for the whole device to cool down before it turns off. So after 30 seconds, this will completely turn off. There is also timer, there’s one hour to hour in three hours. So whatever I click with then. The hours that will start to counter and after the two hours, three hours or one hour up, you’ll have another 30 seconds of cool down as you have later on manually. And then the whole device turned off on standby.

Another safety feature called the Anti-Tilt. So if I tilt this device, you can hear the fans stopped.

That’s because in the bottom, you see a little switch here. This switch, when released, will turn off the device and put on standby. So this will shut off the device automatically. And you have to make sure you keep it on a stable flat surface once again and then turn on the power button to turn on again.

Once you lifted or tilted over or drop it. It cuts off.

So be sure to let it have some cool down, because this will get hot, so you don’t want to touch it when the heat has been on.

The filter has a special coating to capture dust and bacteria from growing.

So say if you’re in a very wet or humid environment or anything else gets on there, it prevents any growth and any smells and whatnot. So in order to change this filter or to clean it, simply push down on the tab you see on the top and then let it rock down. This gives it that antimicrobial property.