A new reality for financial companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Solutions that will help you to adapt to a changing situation

Suppose you have a sufficient amount of resources and want to work in the financial sector. In that case, you must first go through a rather time-consuming path before you can take your niche: register a company, obtain licenses and other permits, promote your company in the market. It can take months or even years, and with such a dynamic market environment, entrepreneurs just cannot spend so much time preparing. As you know, time is money, so an alternative solution is now gaining popularity – buying a ready-made business with a license.

So, you buy a ready-made company for sale, a legal entity with all the necessary documents to work in the financial market. What can such a solution give to you? The primary and most significant advantage is time. It can take months to prepare a new company for getting a license, and in case they reveal some inconsistencies, the process will be delayed even more, and you won’t get a guaranteed result. A change of ownership instead takes from a few days to one week – this is a noticeable difference. And this is only the time required to obtain a license. How long will a new company registering process go? Besides, after that, you must start the promotion… After all, in order to get your clients, apart from licenses, you must have a reputation, so you must somehow obtain it first. If you buy a ready-made business, you get everything at once.

However, in order to get all the possible benefits and avoid potential problems and unpleasant surprises, you must understand in detail what exactly you are buying and consider all the possible risks (there will definitely be some of those); therefore, you need the right specialist in this issue. Our company has been successfully operating in this market for quite a long time, promoting services in the field of buying and selling businesses in various jurisdictions around the world. The company operates in the UK, Switzerland, the USA, and other countries. Our firm employs more than 100 lawyers in different countries who are well versed with the specifics of work in their jurisdictions and are ready to help you with any legal issues.

It is crucial for the jurisdiction where your financial company operates to be stable and reliable. Switzerland is one of those. Here you will find the right combination of reliability, functionality, and modern technologies. A company registered in Switzerland can work with precious metals, cryptocurrencies and offer a broad set of options for the financial sector, various bonuses, etc. True, there is also the other side of the coin – obtaining a license here is very expensive and takes a lot of time, so entrepreneurs do not even consider this option very often. But this is the case if you are forming a new business from scratch.

A good entrepreneur is not afraid of any difficulties and is ready to overcome them, even during a pandemic. Eternity Law offers its clients the opportunity to buy a ready-made company with all the necessary licenses in Switzerland. So what do you get in this case?

  1. The ability to conduct transactions with electronic money without any restrictions;
  2. The ability to use Mastercard debit cards without any restrictions;
  3. The ability to work freely with EU accounts and other countries;
  4. The ability to conduct transactions on the FOREX market.
  5. The ability to work with cryptocurrency.

A financial company licensed in Switzerland can use great banking software with unlimited validity. Besides, a company does not pay for the license monthly, like in some other jurisdictions. At the same time, the owner changing process takes quite a long time and does not require additional permits from the regulator.

How will Eternity Law help you with this?

Our company will help a seller and a buyer to contact, negotiate the terms, and sign a purchase and sale agreement. Thanks to Eternity Law, the process of purchasing a ready-made financial business in Switzerland takes the least possible time. The re-registration procedure itself takes from one to two days.

The UK is another promising jurisdiction for financial companies. Despite Brexit, this country is actively developing its financial market and cooperates with other EU companies. Like in Switzerland, the process of obtaining a license here can take months, if not years, so if you are interested in this jurisdiction, we recommend you to consider buying a ready-made company here. Eternity Law will help you with this. Thus, for example, here in the UK, you can buy a company with a license that allows you to conduct business with all EEA countries. The company participates in the MasterCard program and can issue VISA cards. You also get ready-made software for processing payments (KYC, KYB, and AML). This business has no restrictions on working in all countries worldwide and is entirely ready to change its owners. Our experts will guide you through the entire purchase way from start to finish.

Eternity Law has a sufficient number of specialists and all the necessary licenses to work in the financial sector of the UK and other countries. Our company will help you choose the best option according to your business interests.

Eternity Law provides you companies in Poland, Germany, and other EU countries as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other countries. Contact us and describe your request – we will help you find the best solution for your business.