Wednesday, May 25

Guidelines for Writing an Effective Press Release

Heading (Headline) and Summary

  • Headline should be relevant to the PR’s content
    • Headline must be recent and important to be announced. In short, it should be newsworthy.
    • Headline should be under 80 characters and include active verb and subject.
    • Summary of PR should be a reflection of the press release’s content.
    • Do not use any exact paragraph as a summary.
    • Summary should not be too long; it should be two to three sentences long.

Format of Press Release

  • The word count of your press release should be between 400 to 800 words.
    • The image size should not be more than 200KB.
    • Only one image per press release is allowed in jpg, png or gif format only.
    • Only embedded videos are allowed. Make sure the video is embedded correctly in the press release.
    • PR should have a relevant news angle such as announcing something new.
    • Press release written as an advertisement or a sales letter will not be approved.
    • Impartial tone should be used throughout the press release.
    • Use Capital and Small letters appropriately.
    • Don’t ask the question(s) within your PR.
    • Avoid adding any markup languages such as JavaScript in your PR. For instance <em>…</em> or <strong>…</strong>; ONLY links (<a href=”URL”>…</a>) are allowed.
    • Use spacing properly.
    • Ensure you insert properly formatted links.
    • Ensure PR is formatted properly; for example, do not add double space, use proper punctuation marks and symbols.
    • The ratio of links to words is 1 link per 200 words.
    • Include original quote that someone has actually said in the past.
    • Your PR should not include links or references to illegal material, profane language or sexually explicit material.
    • PR should not have written to harm or take personal revenge against a group or a person.
    • Avoid using SPAM words. Any such words will be filtered out by filters and should be refrained.
    • Avoid using email id within the body of the PR.
    • Include actual contact information where users can reach to you.
    • Include the place from where the PR originates.
    • PR’s content should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
    • Avoid using symbols and special characters in the headline like © or ™ etc.

Guidelines for PR Content

  • Your content should have an impartial tone throughout the complete press release.
    • Avoid making any spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Avoid writing PR like an Article, Sales letter or an advertisement.
    • Don’t use spam words in PR.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish PR related to lawsuits and with negative connotations.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept duplicate press releases.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish press releases which promote illegal news or content.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish press releases with only opinionative content.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept PRs which promote dating items, explicit content, escort, sexual enhancement supplements and other products.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish content that promotes firearms, weaponry, and armory.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept press releases that seek publicity for pay day, mortgage, short-term or long-term loan services and cash.
    • HeraldKeeper does not promote press releases that include political or radical opinion/view.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish releases related to a government board, ministries, policies, agencies, offices, administrations, departments and others.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish content related to a radical religious view.
    • HeraldKeeper does not promote releases with intent to defame or harm any person or group.
    • HeraldKeeper does not distribute PRs containing unauthorized stock ticker symbols.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept releases on topics related to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, e-cigs, raspberry ketones, Kratom, HCG, Garcinia Cambogia, and other related items.
    HeraldKeeper does not promote releases related to Gambling, Casinos, Betting etc.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept PRs that proclaims bonus, discounts, price cuts, coupon codes, sales, or anything related to the direct or indirect promotion of advertorials or services/products.
    • HeraldKeeper does not promote topics related to illegal device rooting, unlocking or jail-breaking of devices.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept PRS on affiliate product reviews or trials that are promotional.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept releases that are written as an article and are not news worthy.
    • HeraldKeeper does not accept press release announcing the launch of a new website, blog posts or other content.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish content that promotes body modification and cosmetics.
    • HeraldKeeper does not publish topics such as pirated software, APK, cracks, and others.

Disclaimer: The HeraldKeeper team has the right to publish, discard or delete part or all the published/submitted documents, if it is inappropriate/irrelevant to be published without any prior notice. The decision by the HeraldKeeper shall be ULTIMATE and cannot be questioned.