About Us

Herald Keeper has its roots in the basic idea of spreading awareness about not just day to day events, but also the bring to the fore real biting questions that people refrain from. Herald Keeper is a media outlet formed by a group of young social influencers who have taken it unto them to enlighten the masses about behind the scene events at the global front.

Editorial Staff

Olivia Tucker
Email: olivia@heraldkeeper.com
Olivia has a Bachelor in Journalism from Utrecht (the Netherlands). She did an internship with a local media company and eventually ended up being a founding member of Herald Keeper.

Ruben Pierera
Email: ruben@heraldkeeper.com
Ruben has been creating and managing content for over a decade. He has extensive experience developing marketing, corporate communications and public relations materials in a variety of fields including finance, banking, human resources, tourism, education, and NGO administration. His specialty is making sense of the complexities of large companies.

Linda Shaw
Email: linda@heraldkeeper.com
Linda writes about gaming technology. Because she understands the programming and strategy involved in creating a game, Linda is well-qualified to write about games and their future. She also has a knowledge of the gaming community, its quirks and its passions.

Melissa Underwood
Email: melissa@heraldkeeper.com
With a BA in Cognitive Science and Psychology, Melissa writes about how we interact with technology and incorporate it into our lives. She is always interested in how technology can shape our society, whether technology makes it better, worse, or just profoundly different.