Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Conference Discussed Dynamic Transformations of the Industry in San Jose

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Conference

San Jose (Thursday, May 17, 2018) –  The Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Conference held at the Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel in San Jose introduced novel ideas and new topics around dynamic transformations in the Automotive industry. This well-received event focusing majorly on the integration of Artificial Intelligence, took place on 17 – 18 may 2018. The event brought together all stakeholders of the automotive industry to explore potential strategies to attain fully autonomous car.

Dominantly focussing on the role of artificial intelligence and real-world innovative technologies, the conference programme received an overwhelming response, with a packed house that translated into a gathering of over 150 delegates, 21 industry leaders as speakers, over 18 sponsors and partners. The two-day conference saw a presence of many AI enthusiasts sharing this unique platform alongside automotive legends to understand trends, innovations and disruptive technologies stirring the automotive industry.

The major aim of the conference was to achieve a shared vision of next-generation technology integration to create autonomous & connectivity-rich automotive industry. The programme was divided into 3 sessions focusing on Infotainment and telematics, Advanced Driver-Assistant System (ADAS), and Autonomous driving. The conference served as a platform covering a range of topics focusing on autonomous driving, machine learning and deep learning, AI-assisted commute, connected EVs, futuristic driving assistance, and roadway sensing.

The conference was chaired by Dan Grossman, CEO of Chariot and Global VP of Microtransit Services at the Ford Motor Company, USA; who set the context with an opening address and by declaring the conference proceedings. Later in the day, the conference witnessed keynote presentations from IBM and Flex Automotive respectively speaking about the role of artificial intelligence and applications of machine learning & deep learning in autonomous cars.

On day 1 (17th May), the conference hosted a panel discussion on government regulations and policies for smart mobility which was moderated by MarketsandMarkets’ director Will Polese and it was a talk of the event. The discussion revealed most important aspects and current scenarios of government policies placed on the automotive industry. The panel consisted of Elaina Farnsworth, CEO of Mobile Comply; Kris Milster, Chairperson at the Institute of Transportation Engineer (ITE) and Roger Melen who is a Senior Advisor at the Toyota Info Technology Center.

Although the first day (17th May) of the conference received massive traction for the autonomous and connected vehicle technologies, the conference day 2 showcased insights and case studies of ADAS, smart mobility, and vehicle connectivity. The day two also concluded with brainstorming panel discussion on how to build smart infrastructure for futuristic smart mobility. The panel was hosted by THINCI Inc’s CEO, Dinakar Munagala with panelist from Cisco, TrafficCast, Faraday Future, and MarketsandMarkets.

The conference was supported by renowned organization, Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) and Scott McCormick, President of CVTA was also on the advisory board who has helped us formulate the conference programme. Apart from Scott, Roger Melen from Toyota Info Technology Centre and Kurt Hoppe from General Motors were also on the advisory panel.

The two-day event had been well received with a range of innovations, case studies, and global expert learnings and it has helped all the stakeholders to visualize the future of the industry and shaping the dream of futuristic autonomous cars.

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