UFOs allegedly spotted near NASA’s International Space Station might be a proof on aliens spying on us

UFOs might not be a recent discovery for humans but with every sightings of any UFO, our excitement increases ten-fold and a hope for meeting any extra terrestrial life someday brightens up. In a recent live feed from NASA’s ISS (International Space Station), space enthusiasts saw not just one or two but a total of three objects floating near ISS which seemed to be some kind of UFO. But NASA has been denying these findings saying that they were nothing but simple lens flare and no signs of extraterrestrial life have yet been discovered.
Following that a new YouTube video is trending on social media showing the same three UFO’s. The video was captured by a teenager using a smart phone when they were flying over his head. Even after all these evidence, there is no solid proof of any life forms existing beyond Earth. But this sighting is of special interest as this time the footage has directly come from NASA’s ISS and to top that it was a live one.
Conspiracy theorists claim that even they spotted these three alien spaceships flying near ISS which is a gleaming evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.
This video was uploaded on a YouTube channel called Third Phase of Moon by the teenager who shot this intriguing video which clearly shows the three white coloured circular objects flying near ISS. In the video the editor asked the viewers “We’ve got three strange anomalies drifting downwards just above the Earth’s atmosphere. Is this something extraterrestrial?”
During initial scan of the video it seems that those are clouds but clouds don’t fly around at such high speed. But people from the YouTube channel declined the fact that they might be UFOs and chalked it up to ongoing weather changes in the United States.
Many space enthusiasts believe that aliens are in constant touch with NASA and linger around ISS but NASA is trying to hide it so that it does not create unnecessary chaos among civilians. This was not the first time a live feed was cut off after any strange UFO sighting. Earlier in April 2016, a similar event was seen where after a few minutes; the live feed was cut off resulting in a blue screen for anyone viewing the feed.

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