Study claims Beelzebufo frogs biting force can kill dinosaur

A long extinct frog named as Beelzebufo Ampinga that lived in Madagascar over 78 million years ago had a bit force that can kill dinosaurs, a new study revealed this fact. Beelzebufo Ampinga was the largest frog ever lived. Now, experts claim that that frog was similar to the modern Ceratophrys frogs.

Having a round body and comically large mouth, the South American horned frogs Ceratophrys also knows as Pac-man frogs.  Researchers conducted studies on Ceratophrys to determine the biting force of Beelzebufo Ampinga.

Pac-man frogs can capture and swallow whole animals like frogs, lizards, snakes, and rodents because the frog has the most powerful jaws which can produce powerful biting force.

As per the researchers, a small Ceratophrys with its 45 mm (4.5 cm) width head can create 30 Newton (N) biting force. Most interesting thing is that Brazil’s largest Ceratophrys frog with its 10 cm width head can produce 500 N powerful biting force. It is like 51 liters of water balancing on a fingertip, informed professor Kristopher Lappin, professor of Biology Science at California State Polytechnic University-Pomona. Horned frogs have quite an impressive biting force and once they grab something they normally let it go. Form this it can be imagined how much biting force did the Beelzebufo had. One won’t want to experience that biting force, said Lappin.

After measuring the biting force of Ceratophrys, the scientist estimated that Beelzebufo which is similar to Pac-man frog might have had 2200 Newton biting force. This biting force is similar to some of the predators currently living on the Earth like wolves and tigers. The bite force of an adult human male only about 25% of the Beelzebufo.

Marc Jones, a researcher at the University of Adelaide’s School of Biological Science, informed on Thursday that normally frogs with weak jaws typically consume small prey, Ceratophrys frogs can swallow animals as large as themselves.

The study also shows that, with this bite force, Beelzebufo can attack and swallow the small and juvenile dinosaur that shared its environment, Jones further added in his statements.

Some other name that the Beelzebufo have the devil frog, devil toad, and frog from hell. The frog was 41 centimeters long and weighed above 4.5 kilograms. This is the largest frog that any other frog known to human. The study says that the skull size of the Beelzebufo Ampinga was 150 mm wide.

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