Scientists discover life signs in Antarctica Glaciers


Scientists of Australian National University and a research team have discovered a life form under the warm caves in Antarctica’s glaciers. It is suspected that the warm caves may consist of some unknown plants and animal species. This information was published in the Polar Biology, an international Journal.

Antarctica, known as the coldest place on Earth, has some active volcano. The steam from that volcano is very warm and can go up to 77 degree Fahrenheit.

As per the research team, the warm caves were detected by the scientists while they were conducting a research on a volcano in Antarctica’s Ross Island. The team then tested some soil sample of the area. During the test, the scientists collected some DNA samples of small animal, algae and moss. Some DNA’s are yet to be identified.

The test result has given the scientists a glimpse about what is there under the ice of Antarctica. As per the scientists, they will do more research on it to find out more life sign in the Antarctica. The team will also continue their study on this and will try to find out more life sign from other caves. The biodiversity of Antarctica is well known by the scientists, but there are a lot of things in the continent to be answered.

As per a news report, Laurie Connell, professor at the University of Maine, the researcher will take closer look at the caves and will search to find out some new living organisms. If they are found, then it will open the door to a new world.

It is believed that the warm environment that has been created by the volcano is the reason behind the life sign. The warm steam erupted form Mount Erebus active volcano has made the ice layer thin, letting the sunlight to reach the caves thus creating a rise in temperature which has made that place to have some life sign. Besides, in past there could be some sort of animals and plants in those caves. The study also shows that the volcano has made the caves so warm that one can easily stay there for hours by wearing only a T-shirt.

The team says that, there could be more chances of life sign as the continent has around 15 volcanos. Some are even currently active.

On the other side the volcano of Antarctica has caused in rose of the temperature of the continent. Resulting melting of ice. In future it is expected that it will increase more which can affect surrounding ecosystem.





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