Neanderthal boy’s skeleton reveals important data on brain development

A recent study on a Neanderthals skeleton has proved that they had larger brains than modern humans. As per the study, the reason behind the large brain is that they brain took more time growing.

The information regarding this has published in the journal Science on Thursday. This publication has added more evidence on their brain development process.

The modern humans have large brains for their size. To develop a large brain, it normally takes a lot of energy. The latest research also proved that humans have slow growth rate because their brain takes a long time to develop. The human growth process is much slower than other animals.

As per Antonio Rosas, the chair of paleoanthropology at the National Museum of Natural Science in Madrid, Spain said that previously scientists thought that the growing process of the Human is really specific and very particular to our species. Now scientists have realized that the slow pattern of growth allowed humans to have a big brain. Rosas also informed that, that in case of earlier primates the development process was much fast.

Researchers already have known that Neanderthals had large brains. No clue was there to prove that whether the Neanderthals pattern of growth was as slow as modern human or faster than the modern human.

Searching for more evidence about the development of Neanderthal, scientists have investigated a well-preserved skeleton of a young male Neanderthal. The skeleton was discovered at the 49,000-year-old site of El Sidron in Spain. Neanderthals used to eat rhinoceroses and wild sheep and even they had knowledge of self-medicated, painkillers and antibiotics, this information found in March during a study.

As the age of a three can know by counting the number of rings in its trunk, the scientists cut the skeleton’s teeth and counted the number of growth layers to find out the Neanderthal’s age. As per their research, the Neanderthal boy was around 7.7 years old when died.

At the time of the death, the brain was still developing. The brain was 87.5 percent the size of the average adult Neanderthal brain. The brain was still growing in volume, Roses told Live Science. If compared with the modern human brain, their brain would have reached nearly 95 percent of its capacity, he further informed.

The wear patterns of the teeth show that his mouth worked as a third hand during household tasks.

Rosas said the Neanderthals brain took more time to grow than modern humans. But the researchers also found that the maturation process of other parts of the Neanderthal boy is matched with the maturation process of modern human of the same age.

But still, now no information has been acquired about the reason behind different development process between Neanderthals and modern humans. But some says that they had different thought and behavior practice than modern humans.

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