Mars isolation test could provide answers to survival strategies on the red planet


The 8-month long isolation test is going to end this weekend with insights on survival dos and dont’s on the red planet. A crew comprised of two men and two women have been living in an uninhabited part of a Hawaii volcano whose landscape is pretty close to that of Mars. Each and every task has been designed keeping in mind the atmosphere in Mars. The crew is surviving on packaged freeze-dried food like the ones consumed by astronauts. The communication is also very limited with the outside world plus all communication attempts are delayed by 20 minutes to stimulate the signals being passed from Mars to Earth.

The isolation test is a leap ahead of time as right now the Martian environment is nowhere close to being habitable for humans. The aim of the mission was to gather data on behavioral habits of humans being sent to Mars for colonization, as they would spend a large chunk of their time cramped up inside small quarters with a group of other people. The crew is scheduled to exit the mission this Sunday after an8-month long stay.

We are years from sending humans to Mars for colonization and this would require a lot of study and isolation test is one of them. The test shall collect data of whether or not humans can survive and sustain on Mars, especially psychologically. The crew was assigned various tasks to help researchers make a note about behavioral patterns including mood swings, their distance from each other during the stay and their tone of voice.

The structure which was used to stimulate Martian surface was just 1200-square-feet which is close to a small two-bedroom apartment. The crew was forbid from walking out of the structure without a space-suit to provide a 100% experience of Martian surface.

The test will help determine which candidates are best to send out to Mars on missions like these. NASA will determine which candidate is compatible with whom and pair them up for future mission. Information about the crew’s emotional and mental state hasn’t been provided yet but missions like this are sure a hope towards a bright future for Martian Colonization.

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