The International Startup MySmarty Eyes US$100M ICO to Boost Expansion

MySmarty International   ( מייסמארטי), a startup company which started its way 3 years ago as a digital platform, presented to the world the first search engine for merchants which connects customers directly to their favorite business through chat system. The uniqueness of their system is that its built is based on blockchain technology.

MySmarty is looking to raise US$100 million in an initial coin offering (ICO). MySmarty( מיי סמארטי ) had already raised 5$ million in an offline token round which also help to build My Smarty’s community what supposed to assist it opted second round token sale.

“We could have raised VC funding, but we decided to issue a token”, Said MySmarty CEO and co-founder Sagiv Koren ( שגיב קורן ) “We knew we needed to raise a big round after we found our business model, that will help us create a network effect which has already began in Israel”, says Koren.

The ICO will see the introduction of MSC. MySmarty ( מייסמארטי) said the token will incentivize communities to engage and consume smarter.

MSC will also enable several new utilities such as direct chat between clients to businesses, secure payments, smart contract, digital wallet,lending services and KYC – functionalities that will be added into the ecosystem over time, the company said.

“With the new model, users of MySmarty digital wallet will be able to make purchases and enjoy the added value of being rewarded for their feedbacks” explained Koren.

Founded in 2015, MySmarty uses blockchain technology to create digital platform which allow any merchant to claim his business page, build a followers community, offer discounts and hot offers, build direct campaigns and advertise directly to his customers phone, accept digital payments and many more unique options. MySmarty Local Wallet, introduced to its six member communities since January 2017, provides users access to be the closest digital equivalent of physical cash. The app allows them to connect, discover new shops and trade with their peers.

“If I search for a business in Google, I will need to call him or to arrive there in order to ask a question or to make a purchase” explained Koren. “In Messenger or through many chat apps I will need to search for a specific business in order to open a chat conversation, as all of them are pointed to be C2C systems. MySmartyis actually the first search engine for merchants which provides direct communication through C2B chat system. Our chat system is connected to a boot system which we developed for business owners and allow them to offer goods or services for purchase all based on blockchain tech what will ensure 100% confidentiality when costumer will shop through our sophisticated system”, he smiles.

MySmarty will represent an index value of all existing merchants for every community issued on its network which already exist now in Israel, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria , Spain and Palestinian territory.

You can visit their site at:

MySmarty said the capital raised through the ICO will help it bolster its efforts to expand to new communities, with plans to expand to new countries in the near term, including the U.S.

MySmarty’s existing investors include Vox Ventures, Beta Ventures, but also Ron Simon the former CEO of DEA risk found. Simon, former Uber’s political strategist, has committed to participate in the token pre-sale as an independent entrepreneur.

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  • aviad November 8, 2017 @ 6:48 pm

    Looks like an amazing app!!!

  • Adi November 8, 2017 @ 6:51 pm

    WOW what a Great app! Im going to download it!

  • john smith November 8, 2017 @ 6:52 pm

    i heard about tham…. sound realy promising…. good luck

  • Arye November 8, 2017 @ 6:55 pm

    Very nice. You have a big idea

  • Gil November 8, 2017 @ 6:56 pm

    Sounds amazing when will the users be able to start using it?

  • pinchas November 8, 2017 @ 6:56 pm

    Seems to me that this app Will do only good!!

  • Najwata November 8, 2017 @ 6:57 pm

    Woow all the respect, we all need an app like this ????
    Good luck

  • Chen November 8, 2017 @ 7:01 pm

    Sounds great..all the wishes 4 u guys

  • EBT November 8, 2017 @ 7:04 pm

    Its going to be HUGE!!!

  • ויאנה מוהנא November 8, 2017 @ 7:06 pm

    This app is amazing… good luck .. I wish all the best.. we need it.

  • Raz November 8, 2017 @ 7:07 pm

    Sounds very unique and advanced app.
    Good luck!

  • Irina November 8, 2017 @ 7:09 pm

    The technology and fundraising method sounds interesting. I think this app can help businesses a lot.
    Good job!

  • Anonymous November 8, 2017 @ 7:11 pm

    Such platform will definitely revolutionize the known consumer-business world.

  • Joe November 8, 2017 @ 7:23 pm

    Love the idea.
    Go mysmarty!

  • Elinor November 8, 2017 @ 7:27 pm

    An excellent idea that includes all in one.
    Really a breakthrough system that will change consumption habits and reduce the cost of living! :))

  • shani November 8, 2017 @ 7:38 pm

    wow it’s sound amazing idea!!
    good luck

  • Ik November 8, 2017 @ 7:41 pm

    Good luck , sounds like great startup , this gonna change the world

  • Valery November 8, 2017 @ 7:46 pm

    The concept is amazing and the way it goes up in such a short time over the world is unseen!
    Good luck Mysmarty!

  • Avi November 8, 2017 @ 7:54 pm

    Very good app !!!
    Save your money

  • Yoni November 8, 2017 @ 8:01 pm


  • Ron November 8, 2017 @ 8:02 pm

    I like it
    Good luck!

  • Ligun November 8, 2017 @ 8:02 pm

    Great app! I use it on a daily base and it’s awesome!

  • Liam November 8, 2017 @ 8:03 pm

    Going to change the world

  • Max November 8, 2017 @ 8:04 pm

    Wow that’s awesome!!!
    It’s about time someone came up with an idea that great, thumbs up.
    Keep on the good work!

  • עומר מחאמיד November 8, 2017 @ 8:04 pm

    של מייסמארטי

  • Snir Dar November 8, 2017 @ 8:07 pm

    The app allows any business to advertise for free.
    The customer is able to negotiate with any business-
    Digital management from anywhere of buying and selling.

  • Dan November 8, 2017 @ 8:08 pm

    The entire idea is incredible. They idea of an engine like that will make a revolution in the economy. Can’t wait to see it rising up and taking over the world!!!

  • Shir November 8, 2017 @ 8:09 pm

    I like it
    Good luck

  • Avi h November 8, 2017 @ 8:13 pm

    It looks amazing, owe it!
    A major revolution

  • Alex November 8, 2017 @ 8:21 pm

    Up and up

  • Habıb November 8, 2017 @ 8:22 pm

    My smarty the Next generation of apps

  • Nachi November 8, 2017 @ 8:30 pm

    The best and most accessible technology for the business owner and his clients, and it’s free for everyone

  • Josh mike November 8, 2017 @ 8:33 pm

    Sound really good idea look promising.

  • Nahman November 8, 2017 @ 8:34 pm

    The best app for a business owner who
    wants to manage his business with his customers and keep them close to him, including building a customer club, all for free

  • Knarty November 8, 2017 @ 8:34 pm


  • gal November 8, 2017 @ 8:44 pm

    Sound nice..
    I would like to try it

  • ynon November 8, 2017 @ 8:46 pm

    This is definitely going to be the next startup. Great idea

  • yoel November 8, 2017 @ 8:54 pm

    Mysmarty is the progress of the business world, simple and easy, the world will embrace it!

  • Ziyadb November 8, 2017 @ 8:58 pm

    Good luck..

  • Alex November 8, 2017 @ 9:23 pm

    Amazing idea.
    A new era of ennovation!

  • Nur November 8, 2017 @ 9:45 pm

    Woop amazing idea!!??

  • Nesreen abu hanna November 8, 2017 @ 10:04 pm

    Its going to be revolution … good luck

  • BARUCH November 8, 2017 @ 11:46 pm

    “Mysmarty” is the new and first social network of its kind, which is basically a platform that incorporates everything that a customer needs, and on the other hand everything that a business owner needs is a very ingenious and necessary idea that this is the most important part.

  • nehemia inbar November 9, 2017 @ 12:17 am

    It seems to be popular

  • J-Man November 9, 2017 @ 3:55 am

    Waiting to buy a cryptocoins. It can grow up on 1000 times!

  • Ariel November 9, 2017 @ 6:51 am

    I like very much the idea of all in one app for merchant search engine

  • Dorel David November 9, 2017 @ 7:58 am

    It’s just crazy !!!

  • ‫עידן כהן‬‎ November 9, 2017 @ 9:17 am

    Amazing idea.
    A new era of ennovation!

  • Miri Tachkent November 9, 2017 @ 10:47 am

    sounds amazing cant wait for it to start!!!!

  • urmom December 2, 2017 @ 9:26 am

    sagiv koren is a scammer

  • jon December 3, 2017 @ 4:01 pm


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