Study reveals lead in Flint water increased Lower fertility

flint water plant

A new study has reviled that, lead in water is the main reason behind lower fertility rates and higher infant death rates in Flint.

On September 20, two economics professors from the University of Kansa, David Slusky and Daniel Grossman has submitted their findings from a working paper. They compared the flint birth and death certificates with other Michigan cities before Flint changed its water sources and used contaminated water in April 2014.

As per the study conducted by Slusky and Grossman, the fertility rates of the city decreased by 12 percent among Flint women after Flint changed the water sources to Flint River. Before this, the water source of Flint was Detroit River. After the change, the fatal death rates also increased by 58 percent.

Slusky informed that, though the lead in the water causes lower fertility, the outcomes have not been well established.

The study also said that the children who have born after 2014 were also affected by the Flint water as it contains lead.  The average birth weight of Flint babies has gone down after Flint changed its water sources, researchers stated.

The researchers also analyzed the Google search data of Flint to find out when people living there began searching lead and lead poisoning related term. They found that the resident of flint never searched about lead and lead poisoning until the case on the lead in Flint’s water came to limelight in September 2015.

The study also said that there is no sexual activity reported during that time. This shows that Flint residents were unable to conceive children or miscarriages has increased in women, sulsky informed.

However, the data given by the University of Kansan is not matching with the information provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in July 2015. As per the department, there is no evidence that says water switch in Flint caused higher fetal death, lower fertility or any other negative information regarding birth in the city.

Regarding this, no comment has not yet recorded from the DHHS. As per the Genesee County Health Department statistics, Flint has recorded of high infant mortality rates in future, and now the rate has been doubled from 2011 until 2015.

Lead, a dangerous compound can damage a baby’s nervous system, and it also affects behavior and intelligence.

After the issues, In January 2016, local, state and federal official advised Flint’s pregnant woman to use filtered tap water.

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