Fights against hepatitis starts in San Diego

Hepatitis B

An outbreak of hepatitis A has triggered the tension among people of Southern California. The disease mainly attacks the liver, and it can easily spread one to another.

More than 444 cases and 16 deaths in hepatitis has been recorded till now in San Diego. Long lines which are increasing have seen in front of the clinic. People are waiting to get a free hepatitis A Vaccines.

After this major outbreak, city workers have been working continuously and bleaching down sidewalks and benched to slow down the outbreak.

As per Dr. Nick Yphantides, Chief medical officer, San Diego, this severe outbreak could last for six months.

To stop it from spreading more, a fight against hepatitis A has started outside the city of San Diego. Municipalities are now establishing vaccination clinics from Chula Vista to Oceanside. Mobile vaccination team also deployed at the some of the places in the city.

A significant awareness drive on sanitation has been started in San Diego, mainly among the area’s homeless and drug users. It is not enough to tell someone, go and take the vaccine. It is not easy to tell them what to do as some of them have their reluctance in dealing with government and some of them have inaccessible nature, said Yphantides.

When a person comes in direct contact with an infected person and human waste, hepatitis A spreads to that person. As per the report, 22,000 vaccines has been initiated by Wednesday. Now, washing stations are set up in the city by the authority.

Some more additional shelter will be created in future to help get people off the street, and they will be provided every help they want, Kevin Faulconor, Mayor of San Diego informed.

On the other side, President of San Diego’s Food and Beverage Association, Stephen Zolezzi said that the work should have been started before. It’s good to see that the authority has come up with the solution but it is like closing the barn door after the horses already left, Zolezzi further stated.

The community public health officer, Dr. Wilma Wooten said that 40 hand washing stations have installed in areas. 20 more washing station will be added soon by the hired contractor by the end of Friday. After that installation of washing stations will start in neighboring areas on Monday.

On September 6, Wooten said that the health department would work with municipalities to carry out sanitation efforts and expand education. The city has taken some time to determine where they want to install the resources.

It may be noted that health officials reported on Tuesday that the city has a hepatitis outbreak. Public Health Department Director gave the information Barbara Ferrer told the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

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