‘Alien might pierce through your skin’: Internet taken aback by a California guy’s cramped leg

The 50-second video of California based youth Angel Bermudez is becoming viral due to an unusual, never seen before muscle cramp.

A video uploaded by a person named Angel Bermudez showing an unusual muscle cramp has garnered more than 14 million views as well as being shared 169, 189 times on the internet. The viral video is spreading like fire in the social media.

Actually, the video is about an after workout session where California based Angel Bermudez is sitting in his car resting his right leg on the window. You might get excited that he is going to give tips about body building or losing weight. But you will be surprised to know that he is screaming while making the video. You will see that his calf muscles are suddenly contracting and jamming. It looks like the muscles are alive and in a sudden something will come out of the calf. Truly this is a horrifying sight.

Bermudez says that, when he sat to relax post workout, that shit happened and was really painful. He is screaming ‘Oh my God it won’t stop’ in the video. After seeing the video many people flooded the comments section with tips and sympathy messages. Some advised him to stay hydrated and stretch the muscles and others suggested him to eat bananas.

Different helpful and interesting comments were given by the people. One user named Donnianne Noble compared his pain with the labor pain of women. Another user Mike Musacco was astonished that he was able to make the video irrespective of severe pain. Yet another user, Jenifer Turner Romo advised Bermudez to apply mustard on the cramp as mustard is a great solution for Arthritis.

WebMD defined muscle cramp as a strong, painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and then lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. As it is not easy to know the exact cause of muscle cramps, but it is said that it usually happens due to dehydration or scarcity of minerals in the blood. But who knows, there are some hypothetical answers that it might be an alien activity trying to scoop the skin.

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