After a 6 hour flight, American and Russian astronauts arrive at Internal Space Station

Two American astronauts of NASA and one astronaut from Russia successfully reached the Poisk module of International space station. After a six hour long flight, the Soyuz MS-06 arrived at the station safely. The names of the American astronauts are Mark VandeHei, and Joe Acaba while the name of the Russian astronaut is Alexander Misurkin. With this space trip, Joe Acaba has completed his third trip into space, and for Alexander, it is the second voyage. In total, Alexander has spent 166 days in space. It’s the first travel into space for Mark VandeHai. Before this journey, he worked as an aquanaut at NASA during its NEEMO 18 mission. The space capsule, Soyuz MS-06 was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome located in Kazakhstan on September 12, Tuesday.

After an errorless launch of the capsule, it took six hours to reach the space station. As per a live webcast, the crew members are in excellent condition and are working well there. As per the report, the three astronauts will stay there for five and half month.  They will work there with Sergey Ryazanskiy from Russia, Randy Bresnik from America and Paolo Nespoli from Italy.

The hatch will be opened at 12:40 on September 13. Before opening the hatch, they will do some tests on the Soyuz. After the tests, the welcoming ceremony will take place.

During their stay, the crew will work on various projects related to biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science.  The entire crew will be treated as members of Expeditions 53 and 54.

As per the information, only Misurkin and Vande were planned to be launched by NASA and Russian space agency Roscosmos on this space journey. But as the space capsule has the capacity to take three astronauts, Acaba was also included in the crew.

NASA had signed a contract with Boeing in February to fill the two seats of the space craft Soyuz. As a part of an unrelated settlement, Boeing obtained the seats from Energia, a Russian company and builder of the Soyuz. Later the company sold it to NASA for $373.5 million. The cost of per seat to NASA was $74.7 million. This information has been given by NASA’s official. NASA has spent $81.7 million per seat under a regular contract with Roscosmos.

However, after this, the station has a full staff and the scientific research speed now can be enhanced.

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