Viderium provides attractive hybrid investment for technical real estate

Viderium Limited provides data solutions for technical real estate, or similar companies that require a hybrid solution for high-performance computing facilities (also known as HPC).

Data centers are a newly developed asset class with the potential to attract significant investor interest. Data centers are a combination of traditional investment options,encompassing telecommunications, storage systems, security devices, power sources for backup, and environmental controls. Viderium has picked the right pulse by focusing on the growing demand for technical property investment in the fast-growing field of technology and computers.

Apart from focusing on hybrid solutions for data computing facilities, Viderium also does its part for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The company recently announced that it is raising money to help two major charities by hiking up to Mount Snowdonon 31st August 2018.

In the first half of 2018, the company released a corporate bond. The bond allows investors to secure a fixed minimum yield of at least 9.8 percent on a yearly basis. Returns are paid out to investors on a quarterly basis.

The company is based in Hampshire,UK, along with another branch in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company recently announced its plan to expand to Latvia,which is set to facilitate diversified operations for qualified investors and minimize outgoing costs. Latvia was selectedas it that provides cost-effective solutions for energy-intensive computing activities, while being sustainable for the business.

Additionally, Viderium’s expansion to Latvia comes with the feasibility of competitive pricing, along with major technical advantages, like faster internet. Viderium’sdecision to add Latvia to its list of branches is strategic – especially given the new addition of the Baltic Highway, which has been established to increase access speed.

Additionally, the Highway facilitated the development of the digital services between East and West. Post creation, the Baltic Highway has introduced infrastructure for data solutions with a high capacity for business feasibility in Latvia. It has also created strong opportunities for investment by companies primarily focused on data computing. All in all, Latvia is a smart option for Viderium, as it has lower operational costs along with solid infrastructure for data solutions.

About the Company

Viderium Limited operates as a specialized facility that develops data solutions, including the creation of data centres. The company also offers bonds that come with a fixed interest rate. It is a registered entity in Wales and England that was formed in 2017.

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