Taking the basketball culture to much greater heights is a 21-year-old college entrepreneur, Justice Jubilee with his e-commerce brand ‘Bucket Culture’

His world-class apparel and gear for all basketball lovers and players have been created to emphasize the thought of ‘wearing the culture’.

Today, looking at the growth of digital mediums and the digital industry as a whole, there is a pool of online companies and e-commerce websites that have come to the forefront to showcase how unique they are and how differently they sell their products. Most of these e-commerce sites have been run by youngsters of the modern business scenario, who bring along with them newer ideas and concepts and reach audiences with their distinctive approach. We came across a 21-year-old college entrepreneur named Justice Jubilee, who knew since the beginning the number of opportunities he can unlock with the growing presence of e-commerce in the world and hence, came up with his brand called ‘Bucket Culture’, an apparel brand created keeping in mind the game of basketball, to cater to all lovers, enthusiasts and players in basketball.

He was born in 1999, and today at only 21 years, Justice Jubilee owns his unique basketball-themed clothing brand called Bucket Culture, which he founded while he was still a teenager in the year 2017. His passion for basketball and years of experience as a player, combined with his quest to become a prominent name in the entrepreneurial world, pumped in the energy in him to combine both and fill in the gap where all the lovers and players of basketball can wear the apparel that truly resonates with their feelings for the sport and the basketball culture.

As a student of computer engineering and juggling between many other responsibilities of his as a student and an entrepreneur, Justice Jubilee has never backed down and has always consistently put efforts to grow his brand and gain high popularity in the basketball community. Looking at the increasing amount of recognition he has achieved in just three years, Justice Jubilee expanded the product portfolio and offered many other basketball-themed products like gears, etc. apart from clothing. He worked closely with his learned team to improve the overall customer experience so that they can scale Bucket Culture to greater heights in the e-commerce industry.

He created this brand intending to connect all within the community of basketball and with his creativity and innovative designed clothing and products have caught the attention of major bucket-getters of all ages. They are unique and stand apart from the industry because of their distinctive and clever designs, including popular sayings, lingos, jargons, typature that highly resonates with the basketball community. Another reason is their emphasis on highest-quality products and clothing that has kept them ahead of many in the industry. They are dedicatedly working with their mission to make people ‘wear their culture’ with the innovative most clothing line of Bucket Culture.

Justice Jubilee with his brand has so far sent gear and worked with multiple upcoming basketball influencers like Liangelo Ball (Lonzo and Lamelo Ball’s brother), Zaire Wade (D-Wayne Wade’s son) and Mearah O’Neal (Shaq O’Neal’s daughter). Their presence and reach have increased across all social media platforms as well, where people have appreciated the brand for its designs, quality and soft and fitted looks, getting them closer to the basketball community.

Justice Jubilee is also making efforts to teach and mentor other young entrepreneurs who wish to create and grow their brands.

Media Contact:

Name – Justice Jubilee
Company name – Bucket Culture
Email – justice@bucket culture.com
Website – www.bucketculture.com
Country – United States