Suhail Nurmohamed speaks on stage to aspiring entrepreneurs

(VEHEMENT MEDIA NETWORK ) – Successful entrepreneur and business coach, Suhail Nurmohamed, takes to the stage to share ideas and encourage young entrepreneurs

Suhail Nurmohamed is looking to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with as many people as possible as he takes on the stage to speak to entrepreneurs, especially young and aspiring ones. Suhail is a serial entrepreneur with a lot of experience in building businesses across different industries. Over the years, Suhail has been able to grow several businesses as he continues to show his prowess as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship remains one of the most difficult ventures in the world. Several studies have substantiated this claim, with research showing that less than 50% of businesses are able to make it past their first five years. Several factors have been attributed to this rather unfortunate statistics. However, there are no surefire ways of succeeding in business, as entrepreneurs and business owners take different approaches to ensure the success of their ventures. Consequently, every success of an entrepreneur, regardless of how little, should be celebrated. One individual that is looking to impact the lives of millions of people and families in different parts of the world is the serial entrepreneur, Suhail Nurmohamed.

Suhail did not have the easiest of childhoods, coming from a household that did not have much, with the family struggling a lot with money. However, Suhail did not let these obstacles to deter him from becoming a success as he only saw them as challenges that he must overcome to get to his destination. Consequently, he persevered and stayed committed to his entrepreneurial goal. Over the years, he has been able to build businesses across different industries and he is currently giving back to society.

Suhail’s contribution to society is targeted towards the entrepreneurial world and he seems to be doing well in this aspect. He has graced the stage in different parts of the world, speaking on the subject of entrepreneurship and how aspiring and young entrepreneurs can channel their resources effectively to achieve their goals.

Suhail is one of the very few entrepreneurs that can proudly boast of having their hands in different industries and doing extremely well in each of the ventures. Starting out from selling packaged sweets to his friends in school at the age of 16, Suhail has been able to build his brand with a presence in the fashion and tech industries.

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