Stay on top of your home security by taking care of your front door

Where else would you feel protected if you don’t feel safe at your home? Unfortunately, the invasion of homes is very real, and many homeowners can’t sleep comfortably since they are worried about burglars who can break into their homes. Your door, in many respects, is the thing that stands between a house invader and you and your possessions. In an investigation study in 2017, several prisoners detained for burglaries were found to be entering the house through an open window or unlocked front door. Most of those who broke into the houses where the door was closed claimed to have knocked down the door instead of smashing a window, so they don’t get cut by the glass or to avoid the glass breaking noise that can alert people.

So, it is smarter, to begin with your entry door and keep security in mind when looking for front doors for sale.

Never forget to lock your door:

Some residents would prefer the door to be locked at all times unless a family member is just outside and will quickly come back in. But others open the door in the morning and leave it open all day. You can also leave the door open on a gorgeous summer day (of course, with the screen door closed). All this is nice when everyone is home, while at the end of the day, you remember to lock the door. Sadly, 7% of Americans do not lock their door, and we can see the results. Before you go to bed at night, ensure that you lock the door. If you are not present to watch it to discourage house invaders, your door should always be closed. You could invest in a deadbolt if you’re still uneasy. It is the same rule whether you go to work or with friends. Even if you are leaving your home for five minutes, never leave it open.

Consider fiberglass:

You will need to be confident that you have the right form of entrance door if you want a very safe door. While wood doors can be heavy, while exposed to elements, they tend to weaken over time. Steel doors are much heavier and difficult to kick in, but under pressure, they can dent. Recently, the choice that won over door protection has been fiberglass. It is as heavy or as heavy as wood and steel, and it never divides, splits, or warps, and will therefore remain solid for the coming decades.

Reinforce your door frame:

It is not the door itself often that makes your home vulnerable to domestic invaders. It is the structure or frame. The majority of frames of the door are wood and, over time, will weaken. These weak sections can be spotted by burglars, and when the weight of their kick is applied, it compromises the doors and cause it to fly out. You should strengthen the position where the door meets the house lock with a steel safety plate of 16 gauges, then attach to the door chassis itself, strengthening it against any force.

Consider electronic locks:

Everything seems to be “intelligent” these days. You can use a smart fridge, a clever trash can, and a smart thermostat, not just smartphones. But you can even get a smart lock. It isn’t very shocking. The deadbolt can be triggered or disabled by using a code using electronic locks. Fingerprint-activated locks or Bluetooth locks may also be used to mark you and lock when you come. You can set up a program that will alter the deadbolt pass code according to the day or time of day.

Proper installation is critical:

If it was not properly mounted, your door could also be open to a house invasion. If the door was too low or was placed at an angle, your home is still poorly secured. A domestic invader could easily kick their way into it. This is why the installation of the door should always be assigned to experts, so you know that it is strongly mounted.

In conclusion, get your front door secured and stay vigilant. Never let your guard down and ever forget to lock the door before sleeping or going out.