Proven tips and tricks to get better at CAD drafting

AutoCAD could be a daunting piece of software for anyone looking at it for the first time. Many people want to become CAD draftsmen, but they have no idea of the challenges and obstacles that they might face. If you want to start learning CAD and doing drafting work, you’ll quickly realize the sheer amount of stuff you have to learn. But it’d wrong to say that once you have learned it, you are done. Being an expert at something also means being open to learning new things at all times and experimenting with new things and tricks.

This article tries to introduce you to learning tips used by leading industry professionals that’ll help you speed up your process. These strategies will enable you to do improve your workflow, no matter your skill level, and get your work done fast and better.

Watch video tutorials:

The internet is wonderful, and so are many people on it, that are trying their best to provide everyone with a free source of knowledge. Sites like YouTube provide have become a whole separate search engine with a wealth of free knowledge for everyone, and a great way to utilize this knowledge is to search for CAD drafting tutorials. There are plenty of extremely competent experts making tutorials on YouTube. You are sure to find a certain tutorial series that you like. Having all this knowledge available for the wonderful price of zero, there is no excuse for anyone to not take advantage of it. Even if you think that you know everything about CAD drafting, you will still find many small tweaks, tricks, and other things that will directly benefit your workflow.

Read CAD-related blogs:

There are many amazing drafting companies available, like Acadia drafting. These are communities of people that are passionate about CAD and have plenty of real-world experience and advice to share with you. If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are already well aware of the benefits of reading these kinds of blogs. One thing that you should do is make an organized list of top blog sites you visit. Then, pay each one a visit on a regular basis, so you can stay on top of all the new discoveries and news related to CAD drafting. Forums are another great way of learning about your field. The main difference between blogs and forums is that blogs are one-way communication between you and the author. Forums provide an excellent platform to have active communication with people that possess the same passion as you. This gets really handy when you are stuck in something and want some instant advice.

Teach others:

If you feel like you are an expert in your field and know everything there is to learn. Then why not start spreading your knowledge with others. Imagine yourself at the start of your career. Imagine how much this knowledge and tips and tricks would’ve helped you when you were a beginner. Why not start your own blog? Or start being helpful on forums and answer other people’s questions. There is a big chance that you will be learning a lot yourself by interacting with others. A beginner might know a shortcut that you might not have known or a trick that you never tried. It is always a win-win situation for you and the person you are teaching.

Never stop learning:

This might sound cliché, but never ever stop learning. You never know 100% about anything in life, and the same is the case with CAD drafting and related fields. Never get comfortable with your expertise. Venture out of your comfort zone and try new things. Try to do a certain type of project that you never tried. If you’ve only done architectural work, maybe give electrical and mechanical fields a try. Who knows? You might find something you love and feel passionate about. Because no matter how much you wanted to be a CAD draftsman, after doing it for years, it starts getting stale. Having expertise in more than one particular field is way more valuable for your whole career. Every employer prefers a multi-talented candidate over everyone else when hiring.