Phillip H. Perez launches the Barter Unit – A digital community currency designed to produce economic security and freedom

We’ve all heard of digital currencies, ranging from Bitcoin to the Libra and all other digital currencies in between. Now there’s a new player in town. BarterUnit LLC, an American startup has created its very own closed-loop currency, called the ‘Barter Unit’. The Barter Unit is a privatize digital currency, designed to help combat global poverty through peer-to-peer economic collaboration.

BarterUnit LLC, with its newly created privatized digital currency is taking the initiative to independently restructure economies by addressing and tackling the corruption and inequalities caused and sustained by ongoing disproportionate financial systems. The new currency is developed to be the closest digital equivalent of physical cash without the attachment of political shenanigans and bureaucratic constraints.

We spoke with Phillip H. Perez, Founder and CEO of the BarterUnit establishment to get a backstory behind the startup journey. Below are some excerpts of the conversation.

Question: Phillip, can you explain to us briefly what is the Barter Unit?

Perez: Sure. It its entirety, the BarterUnit app is an all-in-one community currency, exchange marketplace platform and peer-to-peer payment system. Most importantly, it is an alternative digital currency system consisting of the – Barter Unit. The Barter Unit is privatized digital money that is primarily focused on addressing the inefficiencies and corruption that are present in our existing financial system(s). It offers a vision and blueprint to inspire a new generation of financial values and practices. It is specifically designed to do the following:

  1. To provide people – worldwide, an alternative medium of exchange system to facilitate the sales, purchases, or trades of goods and services between parties within a ‘closed-looped’ community. This includes an embedded marketplace platform.
  2. To combat broken and disproportionate economies and empower the economically marginalized by creating and distributing an alternative digital currency system. A currency system that works for everyone -worldwide!
  3. Offer the Barter Unit FREE to qualified individuals, as a source of capital to help people get through hard economic times via our very own privatized Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  4. Establish an egalitarian global digital currency system that is democratically governed and dedicated to providing economic freedom and security to all participants – free from government intervention, corporate greed, Wall Street manipulation and political corruption and coercion.

So, as you can see, we have developed our very own closed-loop ecosystem, free from corrupted bureaucratic rules, regulations and formalities. Unfortunately, the current monetary systems are exploitative and oppressive and now is time to fight back by adopting a new income distribution system, one specifically designed to protect and advance all people – worldwide.

Question: Phillip in a few sentences, what is the overall agenda?

Perez: The goal here is to create a financial system that works for everyone not just the financial elites. Our overall agenda is to assure the following:

  1. To provide a closed-loop digital community currency that doesn’t exclude or discriminate certain demographics such as the unbanked, the underbanked, the homeless, the unemployed and the undocumented.
  2. Provide a monetary system that makes people feel socially relevant and that doesn’t implement demeaning and arbitrary means-testing and behavioral testing social programs.
  3. Mostly, our agenda is to provide people – worldwide, an alternative extra source of capital to help with their basic needs and aspirations. To fill in the financial gaps that are unfortunately unmet by existing government-sponsored currencies.

So, again, as you can see, it’s primarily an alternative digital currency system, that is designed to complement and run parallel with the national currency system. However, with regards to America, until Washington policymakers can situate, correct and create policies that protect the American people from usury, corporate greed, and political corruption while simultaneously creating and sustaining an economy that works for everyone, this is what we’re offering – the Barter Unit.

Question: You mentioned the company has created its very own Universal Basic Income (UBI) program. How does that work exactly?

Perez: It’s relatively straight forward. We’re giving away free digital money. That’s the bottom line. The company is set to distribute 1,000 Barter Units, per month, for life, to every qualified human, as a basic human right. All one has to do is register via our website at Our Universal Basic Income (UBI) program is available to all humans -worldwide.

Additionally, merchants of all sizes and from various geographic locations can also optionally participate in the Barter Unit Economic Development Committee (BUEDC) program. The BUEDC program is designed to encourage and empower businesses to adopt and utilize the Barter Unit as an alternative purchasing power method through the process of social-economic collaboration. Each qualified merchant will receive 1000 Barter Units, per month, to help boost local economies and overall implement local sustainable economic development.

Let’s not forget, money is scarce for many, and the Universal Basic Income (UBI) program is specifically designed to be an alternative form of currency to ultimately help people live better lives.

Questions: What is the value of each Barter Unit?

Perez: Each Barter Unit is valued at $1.00 USD (theoretically). For example, if one somehow acquires 20 Barter Units, then one would have 20 Barter Units to spend and trade in our private Marketplace. Barter Units are primarily designed to help cover any possible value differences that may arise during a bartering process. However, participation is important. The more people who adopt the Barter Unit as an alternative form of currency, the more economically valuable the Barter Unit becomes. So, tell a friend, a family member, an acquaintance to join. Let’s collectively start an economic revolution!

End Note

The BarterUnit LLC establishment will be America’s first full-spectrum privatized community currency system with an embedded Universal Basic Income (UBI) program. Perez hopes that people worldwide realize the economic importance of the Barter Unit concept and adopt it as a sustainable and alternative income distribution system – for collective purchasing and trading power purposes.