Ming Hong International: Premium Quality Sushi and Asian Specialty Foods

(ZEXPRWIRE) Consistent quality improvement coupled with unique and authentic sushi and asian cuisine products has enabled the leading importer Ming Hong International providing premium quality food products aimed at fulfilling the customer’s needs and meet the industry’s ever changing requirements.

When it comes to importing authentic sushi and asian specialty cuisine, Ming Hong International serves as being one of the best manufacturers, wholesalers, and importer in the industry. The products are well received by major wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets covering diverse consumer bases across the united states. The consistent high quality and innovative ingredients has drawn a loyal chef following.

  1. At the core of their business philosophy is the highest quality products delivered consistently. To achieve this goal, countless hours are spent in the factory to ensure perfection as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. The most important factor is the consistency in the provision of quality food, and also to uphold the best of the global food safety measures.
  2. When doing business, they understand the importance of providing value in the supply chain. Making sure customers have a successful sushi and asian specialty food catalog is the everyday goal for the Ming Hong International team.
  3. Customer satisfaction is always the top priority for Ming Hong International. The team works diligently to put their professional training to the best of their use. Highly specialized sales and customer service team ensures the right products gets to the customer at the right time. These products are stored in a 120,000 sq. ft. inhouse cold storage from where they are safely transported across united states and worldwide markets.

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To provide more value to the wholesale customers, they strive to have more meaningful interactions with customers daily. Such as engaging customers through different trade events such as the seafood expo, where everyone can participate in conversations with their seafood suppliers and know more about their new line of products. Another customer engagement effort is the official website which allows you to know more about their featured products and make a well-informed decision on product lines. If you need a one-stop shop for getting sushi and asian specialty foods, you are at the right place.

If you are a new distributor looking to carry sushi and asian specialty food service products, it is your go-to supplier. You will find yourself a great team to work and collaborate with. The only requirement is that you should aim to provide great customer service and products to your customers. If you believe you fit that criterion, all you have to do is call or email, the contact information is listed in the contact us section. Their efficient customer onboard team will guide you through the whole process.

Whether it is the frozen foods that you love or the spring rolls that you can never have enough, Ming Hong International ensures a reliable trusted supply chain of the best quality sushi and asian specialty food products.  The advanced IQF freezing technology ensures that regardless of how far it is being delivered, the original flavor is kept, and the nutritious value is also preserved. Because it believes in having a diverse customer base, they distribute across united states and worldwide. This is done by working in close collaboration and providing distribution services to customers, specifically customers in the food service and retail categories.

Quality and safety of the product is of the top importance. All products are tested to comply with the latest global food safety standards.

Delivering the products you need when you needed is what they do every day. High quality and safe products are essential in the food service market. If you are looking for a distributor, wholesaler, and manufacturer for sushi and asian specialty foods, give them a call, Ming Hong International has got you covered!

Contact details

Contact Person: Randy Chen
Company: Ming Hong International
Email:  sales@minghongfood.com
Contact Number:  (626) 820-9888
Location: 14730 Don Julian Road, City of Industry, CA 91746
Website: http://www.minghongfood.com