Lannister Development and Media Shower Successfully Sign MOU to Launch The Equity Token Project, a Platform for Companies to Offer Their Equity via Token Crowdfunding

Lannister Holdings, Inc. (NBDR), parent company of leading Web 3.0 software developer, Lannister Development, has announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Media Shower, Inc. to collaborate on The Equity Token Project, a platform to allow companies to offer equity stakes in their business to investors via blockchain tokens.

The intent of the agreement between Lannister Holdings, Inc. and Media Shower is to develop a platform that provides blockchain technologies for organizations who wish to obtain equity funding for their endeavor. This MOU outlines the partnership that will bring The Equity Token Project from ideation to deployment using the expertise of both parties.

Of the agreement, Joseph Snyder, CEO of Lannister, says, “We are very happy to join forces with the incredibly talented people at Media Shower to announce The Equity Token Project. Mr. Hargrave and his team bring a vibrant, clear vision to this project and we are proud to deploy Lannister Development blockchain technologies to help bring this to life!”

“Equity tokens are the future of corporate fundraising, and as tokenization continues to spread across industries, we believe this platform will be critical for fundraising, security and speed. We’re proud to partner with the amazing team at Lannister Development in driving further innovation in the blockchain industry,” says John Hargrave, CEO of Media Shower.

The MOU will remain in effect until August 31, 2019.

Token Generation Events (TGEs ICOs STOs), are a means of crowdfunding using blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. There are countless uses for blockchain-based tokens that can broadly be classified into three categories: payment(transaction), security(equity), and utility(coupon). When investors buy into a TGE, they receive blockchain-based smart contract tokens that, in many ways, appear to function the way shares of stock traditionally function.

Tokens can be traded on digital exchanges similar to traditional trading platforms but each transaction is recorded using blockchain technology so that each ownership stake and transaction are immutable, secure and communally validated. Lannister Development is excited to develop the software that The Equity Token Project will be based on, providing startups and companies with access to pre-built blockchain tools, smart contract templates and customizable technologies on a simple, beautiful and easy to use platform.

We believe that there are scaled opportunities to be realized by being first to market with the technical pieces of offering company equity via blockchain tokens. It has been the experience of both companies involved in this agreement that many investors largely view these tokens much like stocks or equity investments. It appears that no matter what the token’s purpose is, most investors hope the tokens will increase in value over time and later be sold at a profit. The Equity Token Project seeks to provide companies with the technological tools for offering equity via tokenization.

About Media Shower, Inc.

Media Shower is a blockchain media company and consulting firm that helps blockchain technology companies succeed. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, they position blockchain projects across the globe for growth through investment, and educate investors on blockchain technology through the independent voice of

About Lannister Holdings, Inc.

Lannister Holdings, Inc. (NBDR), a publicly traded software development and products company, provides cloud solutions and blockchain products to the financial services industry along with Web 3.0 architecture, consulting and development services to startups and enterprise organizations through its tradename Lannister Development. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, its mission is to further the real-world deployment of Web 3.0 technologies to achieve transparency and security for organizational systems and operations worldwide.

Forward-Looking Statement

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