How to whiten stained teeth?

The stained tooth is a problem that many people around the world suffers from daily, and it’s characterized by a yellowish color that intensifies as time goes by.

And it’s that, the teeth are stained because the enamel that covers the teeth is porous, which causes the residues of what we eat to be inserted inside it. And if you don’t have good oral hygiene, over time your teeth will become more and more yellowish.

It’s a very unpleasant sensation, which is not aesthetic at all and reduces the beauty of our smile. So if you suffer from yellowish or stained teeth, Los Algodones Dentist’s Guide gives you some solutions that you can put into practice at home to improve your smile.

Baking soda

Day by day you can apply a little baking soda paste on your teeth and brush as usual with a soft bristle toothbrush. The results will be incredible!

Make sure the pasta is made with equal parts of baking soda and water. So that the corrosive effect of the soda doesn’t affect your teeth. It’s a process that you can do day by day, interspersing between weeks.


This fruit has a high concentration of salicylic acid, which will be your best friend if you want to whiten your teeth. So once they are well cleaned, gently rub the banana peel for a few minutes on your teeth.

It’s a process that you can do every time you brush without worrying.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil will offer you many benefits for your mouth, because it will not only help you whiten your teeth but it will increase the health of your gums to prevent future oral diseases.

After your teeth are clean, mix in some water and use it to rinse your teeth very well. Within the time of two weeks the results will be evident.


This is a very effective method but in some cases, if you have slightly sensitive gums it may not be recommended for you due to its corrosive effect.

By mixing a little hydrogen peroxide with a little baking soda, you will create a paste that you should apply very gently on your teeth.

It’s a process that you must carry out interspersing between days and weeks.


If what you are looking for is something that in addition to whitening your teeth, helps them to be completely clean and crystallized, carbon will be your best ally.

In the process of brushing your teeth, apply a little carbon to the toothpaste and brush your teeth normally. You’ll see incredible results in a short time. Remember to intersperse between days to protect the enamel.


Once a day, after brushing your teeth, mix a few drops of lemon with salt and rub it gently on your teeth with your fingertips. Then rinse your mouth with plenty of water, and you will notice the changes in a few weeks.


This is one of the best, as it’s a natural product that will help your teeth regain their natural white.

You can use the holy basil, leaving it in the sun for a few moments and then grinding it. The powder that you will get from it will be the one you will use in conjunction with the toothpaste. This will bring you incredible results, without compromising the health of your teeth or enamel.

Orange peel

The incredible amounts of vitamin C that orange has, will be your best ally if you want to whiten your teeth. Since it helps to eliminate the stains that were produced by the cigarette or the caffeine.

You can rub the orange peel every night, after you brush your teeth before bed. It has an almost immediate effect that you will begin to notice after the first week.


This is one of the most popular whitening methods in the world and the most recommended by Los Angeles Dentist’s Guide, as they contain malic acid. Which is a natural enzyme that helps remove discoloration from teeth.

To apply this method, you must crush the strawberry and let it rest on the teeth for a few minutes.

Then rinse with plenty of water and brush your teeth as usual. You will love the results, and you will be able to see them in a few days.

So now you know all the tactics you can do to help your teeth to look better and better every day, but if you rather visit a doctor to get better results you can book a date on Dental Solutions.