How to Use Screen Recorder for Windows 10

With the advancement in the new generation software industry, we have been editing video clips for our Vlogs, event videos and movies. To compete with the uprising needs of the modern screen recorders with divided features, here in this article, we’ve introduced the accessible and user-friendly screen recording software Wondershare DemoCreator for Windows 10 users. The software is equipped with some trendy and polished features which are a must if you want to up rank your screen recordings at your audience end.

Picking the correct and consumer-friendly choice screen recorder for PC can be a complicated task especially when you don’t have the know-how of modern tools. However, what you must need is a software that is easy to utilize, quick to set up, and effective as well. We’re here to brief you on the best way to utilize a screen recorder for Windows 10, and even alter the videos you record. Stick to this article to find out more about Wondershare DemoCreator featureful platform.


Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use Wondershare DemoCreator for Windows 10


Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide of how you can utilize this software to do free screen recordings within your Windows 10 system. We’ve explained the brief analysis of this software in the step below:

Step 1: Install the Software

The first and foremost step before we dive into the use of this screen recorder is downloading and installation of this handy tool.

  • To download this software, you can go to the DemoCreator website and download the software.


  • After the download gets finished, now is the time to install this masterpiece, and to do that, open the downloaded .exe file from your Windows 10 file explorer.
  • Now you’ll be asked to give access to your Microphone and Webcam, go ahead with giving access to this tool.

Step 2: Adjust the Capture Settings


As you’re probably into the software, just hit the Capture button which shall take you towards the screen recorder of Wondershare DemoCreator.

  • Within the screen recorder, you’re facing numerous features of this software. You can set your webcam recordings by hitting the Integrated Webcam button or the setting interface.
  • You’re also given the option regarding capturing of sound. If you want to include your microphone just in case for capturing your voice-over, click on the Audio button and select your microphone device.

    You can also opt for the System Mic button if you want to include the system sound as well.

  • The best part of this recorder is that it allows you to select the specific window screen for your recording purposes. Hence, using the drop-down menu, you can direct this recorder to your specific screen which you want to record via this software.

Step 3. Capture Screen Activity on Windows 10

Now if you’re ready, to begin with, your screen recording, this step explains how to do so efficiently.

  • To start your screen recording with the customized settings, hit the red circled button situated within the recording interface. It will begin a countdown to 3 which can give you time to get ready.
  • You can also pause the screen recording just in case you remember the points to include in your explanatory or presentation video. You can also press the F9 key from your keyboard to pause the screen recording of DemoCreator.
  • After the recording gets finished, hit the Red button which halts the recording as soon as you hit the button. You can also hit the F10 key from your keyboard to finish the recording.

Step 4. Edit your recorded video clips


After you’re done with the screen recording with Wondershare DemoCreator, now it lets you into the built-in video editor of this software. Here you can do a lot of magical editing which can turn your recording into a stunning and professional video everyone would prefer to watch.


  1. Add cursor effects to take the movement of the cursor

    You can add cursor effect to your videos within the video editor of Wondershare DemoCreator which allows you to change the cursor pointer and make it look clearer than before.

  2. Add captions

    You can also add captions to your recorded video content which makes it feasible for the end-viewers to understand it better and get to know what that specific video is about.

  3. Add annotations

    Wondershare DemoCreator video editor offers a variety of objects which you can add to your recorded video content freely and effectively. These annotations can make your content look directional and intuitive enough to be understandable by your audience.

  4. Add stickers

    You can add several stickers to your video content with this video editor. The stickers increase the effectiveness of your content and make it simplistic and eye-catchy enough. You can add it right from the menu bar of this software.

  5. Add transition and other effects

    With the Wondershare DemoCreator, you can add numerous numbers of transitions to your video clips right within your timeline. These transition effects have a huge impact on your video marketing. You can add them from the Transition button on your editing interface.


The Bottom Line:


The bottom line of this article suggests that whether you’re sharing content with the company personnel, giving a professional presentation, or preparing for a webinar session for your learners, screen recording is an effective tool. While choosing the right program to operate this process can save you much more time during the process. That’s why we recommend using Wondershare DemoCreator, as it’s screen recorder and video editor for Windows 10 is an ideal option for you to opt for if you aim to achieve effective marketing.

With Wondershare DemoCreator, you can easily capture your screen recording in just a few clicks, and save the output file in MP4, MOV, MP3, WMV, AVI, GIF format supportable for audio and video content globally. Meanwhile, you can also edit your footage for better clarity with this software editing tool and make your video a viable piece of content for your end viewers.