Here’s how to fix common washing machine problems, all by you

Modern home appliances are very reliable for the most part and do what they are supposed to 9/10 times perfectly. But there are some times when getting stuck or start doing something weird. What should you do in that situation? While it is always safe to call a good appliance repair company, you might not want to do it right away.  If these issues are minor things, you can try to check the situation and come up with handy solutions.

Here are a few common issues that can occur and how to fix them by you.

Drainage issue:

This might’ve happened to you before. You are doing the laundry and minding your own business, and suddenly the washer gets stuck and stops draining all the water. What is going on here? Don’t worry, as there are a few reasons why this could happen. The first and most obvious reason could be a clogged pipe that is obstructed by a small piece of clothing or some other material. Or it could be because the pump in your machine is broken and is not working. There could also be an electronic bug in the washer that is causing the real problem.

Depending on the cause of the problem, there are many things that you can try to eliminate this issue. If the problem is caused by a software-related issue, simply restart your machine. You can manually drain the pipes to see if that helps. You can add additional put pressure on the hose to force the blockage out from the other side.

Locked door:

This issue is generally found in front loaded washers. Unlike top loaders, these front loader washers need their doors to be locked to keep the water inside. Due to their very nature, front loaders require a very tight seal around the door. These doors are supposed to open after each wash cycle, but they can sometimes malfunction and trap your clothes and the water inside them. What can you do in such cases as the stuck door? First of all, do not try to force it open. You will end up breaking the locking mechanism or some other part of the door.

More often than not, just restarting the washer fixes the issue. Maybe run a short cycle on it. The locked doors caused by a firmware or electronics error will most of the get fixed by just a restart. It is possible that your loader is not opening because it is not draining, and if it opened, the water would spill everywhere. In that case, try using the tips from the previous point. If you can’t get any method to work on it, you should call its manufacturer. They have a support system set up for customers just like you, and they will be more than happy to help you figure out a solution for your issue.

Power tripping:

There can be a day when every time you try to turn your washer on, it is tripping the power breakers. Unfortunately, finding the root cause of this issue is much more complicated and difficult than, let’s say, fixing the drain problem. It might not even be the washer that is overloading the system. And if it is confirmed to be the washer, pinpointing the problem area is not possible without performing extensive tests on the system. It could be due to a faulty motor that is overheating, or maybe there is a leak somewhere that is causing the circuitry to short out. You can try lowering the load on your washer. But if that doesn’t work out, try contacting the manufacturer for appliance repairs.

Jumping washer:

If your washer is moving around way too much, it might be an indication that it is not balanced correctly in its original resting position. The off-balance is causing the washer to tumble around with each spin of the water and laundry inside it. To eliminate this issue, you can simply put your washer in its original place, make sure it is balanced, and that all the feet are properly sitting on a level and flat surface. You can utilize a spirit level for this purpose.