HelloThinkster is Revolutionizing Virtual Education

With the pandemic locking many of our children out of the classrooms and other essential educational spaces that would normally be stimulating their minds this fall, it has never been more important to consider online services and tutoring to make up the difference from these setbacks.

Online tutoring has come up leaps and bounds over the last few years and is now a real solution to the setbacks we are seeing as parents of children desperate for the stimulating learning environment that school provides their minds. Math tutoring is particularly important in this regard as math skills are crucial to developing the critical thinking skills that quickly become essential in Middle, High School, and beyond.

How to spark curiosity from home.

Math can seem boring for children as they are dropped off at school each morning. However, with the changes to our normal routine brought on by the Coronavirus lockdowns, school closures set the way for many new learning opportunities. The best place to begin is with math exercises. Simple counting and addition problems for younger children may get them excited about further applications. Playing “store” or “house” can act as a great opportunity to engage in your child’s math skills. Making them count dollars or cookies, and adding or removing some in the process will encourage their numeracy skills.

However, in order to really bulk up counting and addition skills, there is no substitute for a tutor. Even at an early age, tutoring is a great booster of self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Time with a tutor is time well spent, at any age. Every child’s needs are different and tutoring is the surest way to tap into your child’s particular needs in order to go beyond simple activities that work only a small component of his or her reasoning skills.

Older children may need a more direct approach, benefitting minimally or not at all from at-home activities based around your own rudimentary curriculum design. Utilizing a math tutor is maybe the only way to engage your child in their homework and distance-based studies. High School students often find math boring as well, but engaging them with interactive videos and live chat functions can make them excited about learning.

Discuss future possibilities.

Another benefit of the virtual tutor is the ability to discuss practical math applications. The school’s department of mathematics often works to segregate math studies from other aspects of a student’s development, but the truth is that math is a crucial component in success elsewhere academically. Critical reasoning skills are essential to strong writing facilities and research suggests that a high aptitude for math can carry over into music as well — since musical notation operates on quantifiable interval relationships and precise timing.

The ability to discuss these correlations with your son or daughter’s tutor can make them appreciate the magnitude of strong mathematical foundations as they grow older and prepare to ace the SAT. This, in turn, will prepare your child for higher-level education in college where they will need mathematical and critical thinking skills to balance a budget, class schedules, and free time.

The pandemic has thrown our nation’s children off course in the short term. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your child is able to return to the path forward with as little interruption as possible. Utilizing the revolution of online tutoring with the touch of a button is the way of the future. It’s the best way to ensure your child is getting the help they need today in order to succeed tomorrow.