Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment Market Share, Size 2020 By Industry Future Demand, Global Research, Competitive Analysis , Developing Trends, Region Forecast To 2027

The Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment market was valued at USD 7,352.82 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 12,006.32 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.51% from 2020 to 2027.

Pharmaceutical packaging prepares the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for distribution, without any damage or loss. It is an integral process for the pharmaceutical industry, as it assures the quality, durability, and safety of products such as drugs, medicines ,injections, etc. The packing process is also being modified with the evolution of technology.

The complete cycle of packaging refers to primary packaging, secondary sealing followed by labelling and sterilization process, and tertiary wrapping. These advanced, automated, and no human touch processing meets the packing need for basic as well as specialized pharmaceutical products, irrespective of its state. The upsurge demand for the generic pharmaceuticals has boosted the need for advanced pharmaceutical packaging devices in recent years.

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The pharmaceutical packaging equipment market is expected to have steady growth, owing to the increasing demand for Generic and Biopharmaceutical products along with the growing incidence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, etc. The on-going researches for an innovative drug delivery system coupled with the growing pharmaceutical industry are also responsible for adding thrust to global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market potential. Other factors such as the maintenance of high accuracy wrapping, increasing demand for OTC drugs, and the evolution of contract manufacturing of drugs also aids in boosting the requirement for advanced packaging solutions in the pharmacological industry.

Based on the product, the primary packing segment holds the majority of market share and is projected to have the same growth rate during the next decade. The requirement for unit dosage forms, by the end-users, is the major factor offering exponential growth to the primary packaging devices segment. Also, easy handling and stacking of primary packed drugs and the invention of novel drug delivery systems serve to be the growth-supporting factors, boosting the demand for primary packaging devices, globally.

Based on Type, Strip packaging dominated the overall primary pharmaceutical packaging market in the year 2019 and expected to continue its dominance over the forecast period. The dominance is supported by factors such as increasing usage of medicine couple with rising aging population across the globe. Moreover, change in the lifestyle caused increase in health-related issue among population.

Drivers: The increasing need for flexible and integrated packaging

The growing need for integrated and flexible packaging is a major factor expected to propel the growth of the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market. To meet the consumer’s demand for integrated packaging, many pharmaceutical manufacturers and are offering wide range of flexible packaging equipment for tablet, capsule, gel, injectables, oral dosage powder & liquid, etc

Challenges: Higher cost associated with raw material used for packaging

The higher costs of raw materials used in pharmaceutical product packaging is the major factor expected to restrict the growth of the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market in the coming future. The raw materials used for packaging include plastic, glass, polymers, paper boards, and aluminium foil. For instance, according to the European Association of plastics & Recovery Organizations (EPRO), 19 countries in the Europe had plastic pharmaceutical packaging recycling rates higher than 35%. Whereas, Czechia and Germany achieved a recycling rate of 50% or more

Trends: Advanced Packaging solutions for medications

The safe packaging of pharmaceutical products is significant so that therapeutic products and medications reach patients safely. Hence, the pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focusing on investments to purchase pharmaceutical packaging equipment, to provide patients with advanced packaging solutions for medications. For instance, Bosch Packaging Technology, in June 2017 launched ‘ALF 5000,’ which is a pharmaceutical filing and closing equipment. ALF 5000 offers an extensive range of filling systems mainly because this platform can be equipped with all conventional filling systems such as time-pressure filling or peristaltic pump system and optionally comes with 12, 10, 8, or 6 filling points

Opportunities: Focus on technological advancements and innovations in Pharmaceutical Equipment

The major players of the global market are highly focusing on technological advancements and introducing innovative equipment, which is expected to propel the overall market growth and create huge growth opportunities in the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market. This innovative equipment offers improved speed and accessibility in the pharmaceutical packaging processes, thereby contributing to market growth. For instance, in December 2018, a subsidiary of Hanmi Pharmaceutical, JVM launched ‘NS20,’ which is pharmaceutical packaging equipment that has an ability to prevent packaging errors of pharmaceuticals and speed up the automatic dispensing procedure. The NS20 model is appropriate for hospital pharmacies and large pharmacies, and comes with the latest ACRS-III (automatic sensor and communication) technology and ATDPS – a conventional automatic medicine categorization and packaging system

Impact of Covid-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic created an extraordinary strain on society and affected millions of people across the globe. The spread of coronavirus generated unprecedented challenges for medicine manufacturing industries, impacting the global economy. The economic downturn due to factory closures, disturbance in the supply chain, movement limitations, and the requirement of social distancing resulted in putting the medical industry at the center stage, due to the pandemic. This changed the packaging formats of the pharmaceutical industry from traditional packing to sterile and antiviral packing. In the COVID-19 era, plastic again evolved as the preferred material for sterile and antiviral packaging, contradicting the trends of diminishing the use of plastic as it harms the environment. Furthermore, the versatile nature and high barrier properties of plastics are likely to ease the packaging process during this pandemic.

Market Key Players

Various key players are discussed in this report such as

  • Accutek Packaging ,
  • Syntegon,
  • Marchesini Group ,
  • Coesia ,
  • RomacoPharmatechnik GmbH ,
  • Uhlmann  CAM Packaging,
  • OPTIMA packaging group GmbH ,
  • ACG Group

Market Taxonomy

By Type

  • Primary Packaging Equipments
  • Labelling & Serialization
  • Secondary Packaging Equipments

By Primary Packaging Equipments

  • Aseptic Filling & Sealing Equipments
  • Bottle filling & Capping Equipments
  • Strip Packaging Equipment
  • Counting Equipments
  • Others

By Labelling & Serialization

  • Carton Labelling& Serialization
  • Data matrix Labelling& Serialization
  • Bottle & Ampoule Labelling& Serialization

By Secondary Packaging Equipment’s

  • Cartoning Equipment’s
  • Case Packing Equipment’s (Case Packer/ Side Loader & Top Loader Case Packer)
  • Wrapping Equipment (Full Wrap & Wrap around Packer)
  • Tray Packing Equipment
  • Palletizing & Depalletizing Equipment

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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