Ganesha Investments rumored to have invested in

Spanish based private equity house Ganesha Investments are rumored to have invested in What Digital Ltd. What Digital Ltd are the operators of London-based online job search platform The reports we received are pointing to a $3million share purchase that was completed in late September 2020.

Information gathered by the UK companies house points to a new holding company with links to British, Irish and Asian subsidiaries owned by several shareholders including Alex Paterson, Shane McGourty and Ganesha themselves.

Investment from Ganesha would likely be part of a recent strategy by WhatJobs to extend their reach into North America, Asia and continue further expansion in Europe. WhatJobs already trades in 40 countries worldwide and collaborates with the likes of Google, Linkedin and German giants Stepstone.

When we reached out for comment Shane McGourty was coy on the structure of the deal and would not comment if it even happened at all, but did have this to say “Any business is always thankful for new opportunities to learn and grow. Our organization understands it is necessary to forge meaningful relationships to find that success factor and build a product that gives a superior level of service to our users”.

What is it that the company actually does?

WhatJobs work to provide people with jobs adverts from all the biggest career portals across the United States and Europe. Job search is so critical these days, especially when you consider that opportunities are often in very short supply whilst the world fights the Coronavirus.

In a recent PR piece WhatJobs claims to “personally disagree with that” stating that the US market is indeed in fantastic shape with plenty of opportunities to be found across most states.

Future Plans

If the reports are true and WhatJobs is armed with a war chest of $3 million it will surely be a welcome boost in their efforts to support people all across America. On top of that we expect to see major technology advancements in order for them to catch up with their major competitors such as, although that remains to be seen.

Article by Graham Cane English news editor