From Investing in Big Companies to Establishing A Billion Dollar Company “The Brockett Group”: A Mastermind, Malik Duquon Brockett

In the global stock market, everything is controlled by estimates and calculations. With innumerable competitors, it is almost a tedious task to make sure your investments are commercially gaining profit. It is a wise saying that experience is a key to success, however, sometimes hard work and dedication can also accelerate your growth rate and about the experience, well you can get it while working in that field later, after getting success.


Leadership is by far the most important characteristic every entrepreneur must possess. With a vision to transform the avenues of entrepreneurship, Malik Duquon Brockett is a classic example of entrepreneurial success. The founder of The Brockett Group who started from the ground up is at the pinnacle of success and has created a legacy of his own. He says that the three core values behind his mammoth success are innovation, organization and creation. With having multiple challenges in his way, the hip-hop entrepreneur defied all the odds and made The Brockett Group a hallmark of quality and innovation.

Calling The Brockett Group as his brainchild, Malik has overcome all the financial constraints and is living a life of his dreams now. Many people especially the younger generation has a lot to learn from this entrepreneur. With humble beginnings, Malik could have been exploited or even taken on the wrong path of intoxication. But he did not let it happen as his sole purpose and dream in life was to become a successful entrepreneur. With a remarkable journey, he has achieved milestones many consider impossible and is one of the most prominent businessmen today.

The young billionaire is a visionary leader who is giving the extra push of motivation to all the millennials across the globe. While having interactions or delivering speeches, he often shares about his journey and brings into light about his biggest strengths which are namely learning, consistency, determination and persistence. “Anyone who is imbibed with these qualities is destined to do wonders in life and eventually reach his or her goal”, says Brockett. He further says that the journey towards success has always been rewarding for him and not the final destination.

In a recent incident of George Floyd, Mr. Brockett donated a donation of $1 million for the cause of ‘Black Lives Matter’. Besides this, he is doing several other philanthropic works to empower people and help them excel in life. The massive success of The Brockett Group has witnessed its collaboration with many celebrities, leaders, corporate firms and many other notable personalities from different walks of life. Today Malik Duquon Brockett is in a completely different race who is competing with himself to be a better version. His inspiring words are enough to give any person a ray of hope to never give up. He says, “Keep working, taking actions and pushing hard for what you want in life”.