Desire Finance aims to bring DeFi to new heights

 (ZEXPRWIRE) Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is only going to get bigger over the next few years as more users enter the space every single day. One new player, Desire Finance, is set to take the world of DeFi by storm and offer a way to launch your own products in just a few minutes.

One example is the hype behind yield farming. While most new users in the DeFi space simply find new projects for their yield farming fix, Desire wants to let users create their own yield farming operations rather than settle for less. While yield farming a token brings impressive profits, a user who owns an operation would collect a small fee from every transaction made on the platform.

The DeFi product launcher, as Desire likes to call it, will let users create almost anything they would like on the Ethereum blockchain. This could be yield farming tokens, basic ERC20 tokens or even tokens for fundraisers. The DESIRE token, which is the heart of the network itself, is to be held by the community and can be locked away in exchange for either a .crypto or .finance website domain to host their new DeFi product.

While this all sounds nice, there are only 21,000 DESIRE tokens and more tokens won’t exist until the year 2022. With such a low supply, users are expected to pay up to $10,000 just for 1 DESIRE token within 6 months. This price could go much higher as 2022 comes closer. At this point, you may want to grab your DESIRE tokens as soon as possible before the DeFi launcher goes live.

Being a yield farming operation at it’s core, Desire Finance is set to make an incredible movement in the world of DeFi. We just hope it’s not too late to jump into this massive new ocean of opportunity.