Cosmetic Procedures Booming During the Pandemic: Top Medical Professionals Share Cosmetic Trends

Although businesses around the globe have had to endure an immense struggle during the pandemic, with most industries still fighting to survive, the cosmetic surgery industry is thriving. With the extra safety measures in place such as online consultations, having patients tested before procedures, and the mandatory use of masks for both patients and staff, cosmetic procedure clinics are working at full capacity, seeing a significant increase in clients. We contacted some of the most respected medical cosmetic professionals in California for their insights on the matter.  

Dr. Mark Mofid – San Diego, CA – is a board-certified plastic surgeon at San Diego Skin who is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCSD. San Diego Skin is a boutique plastic and aesthetic surgery practice with a fully certified ambulatory surgery center. They offer facial, breast, and body aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Mofid has special expertise in rhinoplasty surgery, revisionary breast procedures, and buttock surgery. He is committed to providing the highest quality, most state of the art aesthetic and reconstructive procedures to his valued patients. Mark talks about the significant increase in patients:

“There has been a surprising boom in cosmetic procedures, everything from facial, breast, and body procedures. People who work from home now can more easily recover and still work from home without going to a brick and mortar place of business. People tend to look at themselves more on video conference calls and tell me that they can’t stand their wrinkles. Botox and fillers are also up in volume.”

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan – San Francisco, CA – is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in San Francisco and is the founder and CEO of BuildMyBod Health, a price transparency-lead generation platform. He is the owner and leading surgeon of Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery. You can watch him operate and educate in his office-based operating room @realdrbae on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Dr. Jonathan Kaplan discusses how there has been a stronger desire for people to address their self-care needs:

“The eagerness of patients to address their self-care needs has never been stronger. More patients are ready to move forward with their cosmetic procedure because they can recover while working from home, don’t have to explain to coworkers why they’ve been out of work (because they can often work uninterrupted from home after surgery) and because they’re reallocating discretionary funds from a vacation to a procedure.”

Dr. Paul N. Chugay – Long Beach, CA – is board-certified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery, practicing at Chugay Cosmetic Surgery, a practice that has been in business for over 40 years.  They provide exemplary service in full-body cosmetic surgery from mommy makeovers to facial rejuvenation services.  Over the past 15 years, they have placed added emphasis on body implant procedures and have authored a textbook on the subject as authorities in the field. Dr. Chugay likewise confirms the rise in patients.

  “We have seen an increased volume of patients wanting to have cosmetic surgery done as they are able to take “time off” from work.  This is particularly true of larger surgeries like abdominoplasties (tummy tucks) and mommy makeovers, which require 2 weeks of recovery.  2 weeks off of work is something hard to come by and due to current changes in the workplace, folks are coming in for these procedures as they have more flexibility.”  

Dr. Lavanya Krishnan – San Francisco, CA – is a board-certified dermatologist and founder and medical director of Arya Derm. Her practice specializes in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. They treat patients of all ages and skin types and they are proud to offer care for many conditions ranging from skin cancers and screenings, acne, psoriasis and eczema to botox, fillers, and laser treatments. Dr. Krishnan likewise comments on the increased interest in procedures with longer required healing time.  

“Many patients are willing to proceed with treatments that typically require more post-treatment healing and downtime. Since most patients are working from home and wearing masks when they are around other people, it is easier to justify longer healing times associated with procedures such as injectables, lasers, and microneedling. As a result, we are seeing an increase in patients who are interested in these procedures.”

Rena Abdinova – San Fransisco, CA – is the Nurse Manager at City Laser Clinic, an aesthetic clinic that offers skin rejuvenation treatments such as non-ablative facial resurfacing, chemical peels, and photo facials. They also offer dermal injections such as fillers and Botox and are well known for their laser hair reduction treatments. They have been serving the community for the past 16 years. Rena reveals that there has been an increased demand for Botox.  

“Since the business has re-opened, the biggest trend we see is an increase in Botox services. We correlate that to all the Zoom meetings people are doing from home.”

It seems that the pandemic has actually made conditions more favorable for people to want to get cosmetic procedures done. With the continual Zoom calls, savings from not traveling abroad, and the discrete recovery downtime, people have been more inclined to redirect their attention to self-care, and thus are more open to trying cosmetic surgery and procedures. The cosmetic surgery industry is booming with no sight of it slowing down anytime soon. 

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