Chromatography Reagents Market Forecast to Touch US$ 9.50 Billion By 2022

New York, January 04, 2019: The scope of the report includes a detailed study of global and regional markets for Global Chromatography Reagents Market with the reasons given for variations in the growth of the industry in certain regions.

The report covers detailed competitive outlook including the market share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market. Key players profiled in the report include Agilent Technologies, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Dani Instruments S.P.A., GE Healthcare, Hamilton Company, Jasco, Inc., Knauer Gmbh, Konik Group, Macherey-Nagel Gmbh & Co. Kg, Perkinelmer, Inc., Phenomenex, Inc., Restek, SGE Analytical Science Pty Ltd., Shimadzu Corporation, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Company profile includes assign such as company summary, financial summary, business strategy and planning, SWOT analysis and current developments.

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Market Research Engine has published a new report titled as “Chromatography Reagents Market by Type Analysis; By Bed shape Analysis; By Physical state of mobile phase Analysis; By Separation mechanism Analysis; By End-user Analysis and By Regional Analysis – Global Forecast by 2016 – 2022”.

Chromatography is a method of separating the constituent of a solution by exploiting the various bonding property of various molecules. It is used in quantitative and qualitative analysis of chemical and biological substances. This technique utilizes two immiscible materials. First substance such as gas or liquid known as the mobile phase transport the solution being examined through the other substance such as liquid or solid known as the stationary phase. The stationary phase absorbs different components of the solution to various degrees and so causes their separation as various layers. Chromatography technique and its re-agents are used in the growth of pure drug components.

The Global Chromatography Reagents Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 9.45 billion by 2022 and Will grow at a CAGR of more than 5% in the given forecast period.

The Global Chromatography Reagents Market has been segmented as below:

The Global Chromatography Reagents Market is Segmented on the lines of Type Analysis, Bed shape Analysis, Physical state of mobile phase Analysis, Separation mechanism Analysis, End-user Analysis and Regional Analysis. By Type Analysis this market is segmented on the basis of Silylation reagents, Solid support, Alkylation & Esterification reagents, Buffers, Acylation reagents, Solvents and Ion- pairing reagents. By Bed shape Analysis this market is segmented on the basis of Column, Paper, Planar chromatography reagents and Thin layer. By Physical state of mobile phase Analysis this market is segmented on the basis of Gas chromatography reagents, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Reagents, Liquid chromatography reagents, Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography (LPLC) Reagents, Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) Reagents, Super Critical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) Reagents and Others.

By Separation mechanism Analysis this market is segmented on the basis of Adsorption, Ion exchange, Partition, Affinity and Size exclusion. By End-user Analysis this market is segmented on the basis of Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and biotech companies sector, Cosmetics companies sector, Clinics and hospitals sector, Food and beverages companies sector and Academics, research and government sector. By Regional Analysis this market is segmented on the basis of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World.

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Table of Contents


2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights

5 Market Overview

6 Chromatography Reagents Market, By Type

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Solvents
6.2.1 HPLC Grade Solvents
6.2.2 Gc Grade Solvents
6.2.3 Other Solvents
6.3 Buffers
6.4 Derivatization Reagents
6.4.1 Silylation Reagents
6.4.2 Alkylation & Esterification Reagents
6.4.3 Acylation Reagents
6.5 Ion-Pair Reagents
6.5.1 Acidic Ion-Pair Reagents (Anionic)
6.5.2 Basic Ion-Pair Reagents (Cationic)

7 Chromatography Reagents Market, By Application

8 Chromatography Reagents Market, By Region

9 Competitive Landscape

10 Company Profiles

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

10.3 Merck Millipore

10.4 Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

10.5 Avantor Performance Materials, Inc.

10.6 Waters Corporation

10.7 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

10.8 GE Healthcare

10.9 Regis Technologies, Inc.

10.10 Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

10.11 Loba Chemie

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