Best Streaming Media Online

Along with the innovations in the health, business, and other sectors of life, technology has also affected media. Entertainment is provided at hand to people. One of the major changes in the media industry is the online streaming of media. It is common for people to watch movies on their devices sitting in their homes. Gone are the days when you have to wait in the queue outside the cinemas to get the tickets or wait to watch your favorite movie because all the DVDs are sold out. You can watch high-quality movies with the innovation of online streaming media. Many websites, such as 123movies, features the latest movies with fantastic quality.

But as every innovation brings ease to humans, it also carries some disadvantages with it. Here we will discuss some pros and cons of the online streaming of media.

Excellent Quality:

Usually, there is an option in the streaming media websites where you can select the quality of the movie. You can watch movies in HD quality or even higher quality. The speed depends upon the speed of your internet connection.

Instant Access:

You can access your favorite movies instantly. You don’t need to wait for the tickets or the DVDs; you can go to the websites and watch unlimited movies. Some websites are totally free, some offer half of the services free, and you have to pay to get full access.

No Need to Download:

Streaming websites have made it easier for viewers. The viewers who watched movies through the internet usually downloaded them, but with online streaming, there is no need to download the videos. It also saves the storage of the device, and users don’t have to wait until the download.

You can Binge Watch:

With the facility of online streaming of media, you can binge-watch your favorite shows. Without any hurdle, you can enjoy your favorite shows. The only thing that comes in between is the ads, but there is also an option of skipping those ads.

You can Customize Your Choices:

You can customize your choices or the home page of your streaming website by entering information about your favorite genres. This makes your homepage according to your choice, and you will get your favorite movie genres on the top.

You need Internet Connection:

You cannot take advantage of online streaming media unless you have a strong internet connection. A proper internet connection is necessary. If due to some reason, your internet connection is lost, you will no longer have access to streaming media. Poor internet connection is the major issue faced by the viewers of online streaming media.

Security Issues:

While buying subscriptions from streaming websites, you need to be really careful. Some websites may hack your data and might result in the loss of your personal and financial details. You should be sure about the credibility of the website from where you are buying subscriptions.

Illegitimate Sites:

Many online streaming sites are accused of uploading movies that are pirated and have copyright violations. You should be careful in this regard. Before visiting any streaming website or buying any subscription, you should check if the website is official or not.

Sign-up is required:

The one thing that many people count as a disadvantage is the sign-up before entering the streaming websites. This sign-up is necessary for many websites with quality content, and many people are not comfortable providing their details.


Online streaming media websites are a great innovation. If used correctly and sensibly, you can enjoy it a lot. But the viewers need to be alert of the scams and the unauthorized websites that are very common.