Beljes Logistics: A Black-Owned Freight Transportation Startup Secured Funding To Expand Operations and Hiring During COVID-19 Pandemic

While toilet paper is back in stock, America is still undergoing a massive supply chain shock that has forced companies to look for innovative solutions.

Coronavirus not only significantly impacted demand, but also hurt many suppliers–especially international ones–and demonstrated how much logistics and technology goes into American consumerism’s incredible availability. Even giants like Amazon and Alibaba struggled with the intense shock to supply chains around the world in almost every industry from essentials like medicine and food to more niche markets like Nintendo Switches and even boats. Especially with COVID guidelines, companies needed innovative solutions that not only were able to accommodate these new guidelines, but also adjust to the day-to-day varying needs of different locations and sectors.

Founded in 2016 by Jules Cesar Laguerre and Nehest Cherival, Beljes Logistics is one of the only black-owned and operated logistics and freight companies in the world. They’re an innovative and disruptive company working to entirely change the transportation industry with advanced, developing technology to allow more efficient and effective solutions. Their proprietary solutions allow clients to constantly track all of their shipments and orders in real time by using their incredible, two-part GPS system that provides frequent updated shipment notifications and smart data with twenty four seven, three sixty five customer service assistance. Their customers include giants like Uber Freight, FedEx, Pepsi, Convoy, Amazon, and small POC-owned businesses trying to survive during this pandemic.

Even now, many supply chains are still stressed and companies are doing their best to deliver vital supplies to communities all across the nation. Beljes Logistics stepped up to the plate and started helping medical companies solve their numerous supply chain issues and worked around the clock to make sure desperately needed medical supplies were delivered to communities in need. Beyond just taking care of medicinal shipments, they also devoted themselves to helping out local grocery companies. So many food-insecure communities have been hurt during this pandemic and Beljes stepped in to help local grocery stores so they could feed their starving and struggling communities more effectively. While many stores still are low on supplies like hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, it is companies like Beljes Logistics that are focusing their incredible technology and brain power on delivering solutions to help care for communities.

Beyond just long-haul dry van shipping and regional dry van shipping, Beljes Logistics also offers a complete suite of supply chain and logistics solutions and consulting options so that any and every client can find what they need for their companies and communities during this unprecedented global pandemic. They’re also fully committed to sustainability and have made it their top priority to be a completely zero emissions trucking company and hope to team up with partners like Nikola motors and Tesla with their EV semi trucks.

Besides just being on the front lines of the supply chain shocks and disasters and using innovative and proprietary technology to offer solutions, Beljes Logistics is also on the front lines of the racial tensions and inequality this nation is currently coming to grips with. As one of the only black owned and operated logistics, freight, and transportation companies, they are showing the industry they have what it takes to go toe to toe with the titans and come out ahead while still giving back their communities and showing young kids of color the opportunities the STEM and business fields have to offer.

Name: Jules Laguerre
Company Name: Beljes Logisitcs
City and Country: Charlotte, NC, USA