Becoming an accomplished name in the trading and financial industry through talents and skills is Mickael Daussy

The 25-year-old entrepreneur has carved his own niche in the financial markets as a trading expert and an inspiration to many.

It is such a surreal feeling when we come to know or hear stories of success of many youngsters who have taken not just one, but many business industries by storm. It is these changing times that has paved the way for many youngsters to excel in their areas of interest and prove the world what talents and skills they truly possess to become a success story. The financial world is something that people since long have considered to be a risky and volatile industry; however, gutsy and determined individuals carve out their path even from such industries and become an example to the world. One such youngster we came across is Mickael Daussy from France.

The world of trading they say, come along with many risks, but at the end of the day, if done right using the right strategies and applying the best knowledge in the business, nobody or nothing can stop people from achieving what they wish to in the financial markets. Daussy at the age of only 25 today is one of the leaders in trading who is the founder of MKD trading and MKD School.

Since the beginning, the world of trading and stock markets is something that always influenced Daussy majorly and this somewhere created his dream to become an entrepreneur someday. However, just like all success stories, do not happen overnight; Daussy too had his share of struggles to becoming the successful trading expert and entrepreneur he is today.

Initially, Daussy worked in catering as a diver and earned a basic monthly income; however his quests to prove the world his real abilities and to fulfill his childhood dream to become an entrepreneur, he took every possible step to move towards achieving his goals. He kept studying many books on the subject, and financial markets and trained with the best in the field until he finally contracted his first 500€.

Today, Daussy has completed seven years in the industry and has got nearer to his dreams with his perseverance and rigor, founding MKD Trading and MKD School. With MKD Trading and through robust online training, Daussy has been working with determination to pass on his vast knowledge of the industry to others. During the seminars he conducts, Daussy realized the impact he has created on people; hence it upped his confidence to go further and open his school called MKD School. The education that Daussy provides through his school is something which can turn individuals into professional and successful traders with sound knowledge and skills required for the industry.

It is his continuous urge to succeed in the industry of the trading and financial world that today has made him an inspiration for many other youngsters out there across the world. To know more about his work, follow the website – or follow him on Instagram –