Austin Dane Walker on How to Achieve Success in Life for Budding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are not the ones sitting in offices with a payroll, but the ones sitting under the trees seeking for opportunities. Entrepreneurs have always been the future, be it their exceptional ability to fight against all the odds is what makes them legends. Problems exist, but for entrepreneurs they are looked as opportunities. They seek for chances; chances to change, to innovate and are excellent opportunity grabbers. Entrepreneurs have always learnt the hard way, and therefore they have both theoretical and practical knowledge, which makes them entitled to the WORLD.

Austin Dane Walker is one such thought as a very impactful entrepreneur and successful business owner who is making it big in the world of AirBnb. Austin’s story is more than just inspiring, it is the torch bearer for all those who are stuck at some place in their lives and feel like they aren’t capable of doing anything. Austin entered the business of Airbnb while having to look over his shoulder due to his first set up done. It was a complete breach of his leasing agreement. Austin knew that he wanted to take the risk and it turned out to be the best move he had ever made in his life.

Most people think that being an entrepreneur is about having that big idea, but following multiple decisions and thrive! When asked what advice he has for the other ambitious entrepreneurs, he says “Find something where you don’t have to compensate with your time for money. There are so many hours of the day, you can spend all those hours working.” He adds, “If you’re satisfied with the eight-hour job and contented with making $400 a day then entrepreneurship isn’t your thing. You really have to start thinking outside of the box if you dream for more.”

Humbly talking about his life before he became a business owner, Austin shared that he was fresh out of prison and was living with his mother however knew he wanted to do something big to turn his life around. So he dedicated himself into the business he had and well, the rest is history. Take a look at his Instagram page @austindanewalker and even drop a follow!