Ajay Serohi is a Go-Getting Leader Determined to Break The Mould

Ajay Serohi is familiar with the grit and determination of Anti-Terrorist Operations as he is with the fingers on his hands or toes on his feet. A logistics leader who has specialized in several military projects at over 5,500 feet, Serohi understands the nature of war and the logistics that go behind it all better than anyone else. With experience in Srinagar, laying computer networks, managing a significantly large team, and leading military projects at high altitudes, among other professional accomplishments, Serohi knows the importance of having the right framework in action to achieve the optimal results.

A go-getter to the core, Serohi completed a project that was part of the Indian Defence’s Network for Spectrum optical Fibre Cable (NFS OFC) which was of National Importance in Nurla. This particular project has become a crucial component in the Indian Army and its realisation of strategic goals in both battlefield surveillance and battlefield visibility. He
Acknowledges and understands the challenges that come with motivating and nourishing the human mind – especially in conditions that are considered tough, as he was quoted saying, “It is only the Gods who can implement better than the projects we accomplished at those heights in the Himalayas.”

Heading off even the most complex technical problems while simultaneously motivating his team at great heights, Serohi is the epitome of a go-getter who is determined not only to thrive and excel in his career but to break the mould entirely.

“Leading projects in Ladakh, my team overcame the unique challenges of weather, the enemy and self-doubts to boost our resolve to complete the impossible,” Serohi says of his time in Ladakh, believing that people are able to rise up to meet any challenges thrown at them. Despite having a lack of information due to unpredictable circumstances such as weather or enemy movements, Serohi managed to lay 635 KM of optical fiber for an alternative communications network for the defense services.

There is a quote that Serohi displays for his entire team to see and draw courage and strength from when they are up to 15,000 feet above the ground and beyond. “Quartered in snow, silent to remain. When the bugle calls, they shall rise and march again”. In the toughest and most unique of operations, it is quotes and leadership like Serohi’s that get his team over the line. In the Indian Army, Serohi fulfills one of the most meaningful roles there is not only on the battlefield but in his logistical work behind the scenes in unique circumstances. With sometimes limited information or situational awareness in some of the toughest conditions in the world, logistics leaders like Serohi must think outside the box and be willing and able to make challenging decisions under pressure. It is a job he not only loves but thrives at.

Ultimately, the defining aspect of Serohi’s logistical leadership approach is the understanding that for his team to really work well together and form great friendships not only among themselves but as a collective team, they must see him as a leader that is equally invested in the same goal they are. Humility is important, of course, but if the team Serohi is driving forward feels like he is just there to order them around and view the same circumstances from a higher perch, then there is a sense of fragmentation between them and him that can prove to be dangerous or even fatal. In the military, the stakes are as high as they can possibly be, and having logistically-trained leaders like Serohi can and does make a world of difference in barely surviving, and thriving.

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