A conversation on intelligent enterprise with expert Prasad Dabre

First and foremost, ‘intelligent enterprise’ basically refers to a “strategy that allows you to transform data into action across all lines of business – driving process automation and innovation, unlocking new areas of growth, and delivering exceptional experiences”. Essentially, intelligent enterprise is all about turning active data into consistent action across the entire playing field of a business. Of course, that is a process that is not always easy, and so it pays to have some insight into what experts in intelligent enterprise have to say about how to stand out and what ultimately makes the most positive difference.

SAP senior HCM and financial consultant, Prasad Dabre, is an expert in intelligent enterprise, and his experience and knowledge both in the field and in his everyday life have been instrumental in shaping and defining his understanding and grasp on intelligent enterprise. The best advice from Dabre is recounted here in this article, and it is all advice that anyone looking to be involved with intelligent enterprise in any way should take heed of. This is a man who knows the field, and who knows it exceptionally well. So, what is this special advice, and what makes it so important?

The nature of intelligent enterprise centres around the business strategy

As Dabre says, “implementing a cloud-based seamless technology would elevate your business, transforming it into an intelligent enterprise – one that accelerates processes and stands out in the market”. However, according to Dabre, the most important part of this whole process is the fact that this approach allows you to “transform data into insight, allows for process automation, innovation, and offers a strong connection with the digital ecosystem”. Essentially, what this means is that to form intelligent enterprises, you must be willing and able to adapt and evolve with the way of the shifting landscape of business. Anything less is simply not enough.

Having the most accurate data can be – and often is – a priceless advantage

Perhaps more than anything else, “data makes the digital world go around”, as Dabre says. If your business has the strongest grasp of smart data application, utilisation, and storage, then you are already well ahead – but of course, that is just the beginning. If your business has the most accurate data-driven processes and systems, then you can almost definitely be sure that you have a priceless advantage under your belts…and advantage that ultimately sets you apart from the masses and makes you not only stand out, but positively shine above the competition that surrounds you.

Intelligent enterprises that are insight-driven are more likely to profit the business

It is estimated that intelligent enterprises that are insight-driven are growing at a pace of up to 30% per year. Further, Dabre says, “they are twenty-three times more likely to expand their customer outreach, six times more likely to retain customers and as a result, are nineteen times more likely to become profitable”. Essentially, if you want your business to quality and embody the nature of an intelligent enterprise, you need to be working with insight-driven concepts and principles. These are the building blocks that will lift your business and elevate it to entirely new heights, and they are the magic that holds it all together.

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